Corporate Branding, Website Design

For over 130 years Headley Brothers have been delivering high quality print for a large variety of heritage brands from is HQ in Ashford, Kent. The company prides themselves on their level of craftsmanship and experience where they marry cutting-edge technology with traditional values and high quality craftsmanship.
Headley corporate branding assets

Headley printer photography

The Objective

Headley Brothers required Wonderful to really get under the skin of their brand in order to provide them with a new corporate proposition (image, essence, tone of voice) that would be used to target the highly competitive London market.

Headley old branding and design assets
Headley corporate branding assets

The Solution

The re-brand combined the 4 different sub-brands (original symbols) of the company and brought them all under the same simplified name of Headley. Wonderful strategised around the USP for the re-brand being the 130 years of industry experience which is why we focused on the established date of 1881. A striking heritage colour palette was devised that had a modern and prestige feel and was applied meticulously throughout the re-brand. Wonderful was able to capture all of these premium creative elements, combined with great quality print and reflect this successfully in a stunning brand that fully captured the experience and expertise Headley offered. This aided the company to successfully reposition itself for the London market.

Headley logo

“The re-brand and website design was a huge task for us as a print business as it was the most adventurous we had been for 130 years. Wonderful were tasked with getting the heritage and creative positioning of the business, literally spot on and with no room for error. The trick was to ensure that the re-brand still resonated with our existing customers as well as reach out to a brand new, London facing customer. Wonderful did a superb job at interpreting our vision into a visually stunning brand fit for 2016!”

Paul Palmer, CEO


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