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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines was founded on 7 October, 1919 to serve the Netherlands and its colonies. KLM is today the oldest airline still operating under its original name. KLM has been part of the AIR FRANCE KLM  group since the merger in 2004. KLM wants to be at the front of the industry by being smarter than the rest. By merging with Air France KLM has come to occupy a leading position in the international airline industry.





The Objective

KLM commissioned a television advert and the Wonderful team was asked to extend this activity into a national print campaign and organise a photo shoot, in order to create an original campaign.


The Change

KLM was very happy with the creative photography day that the Wonderful team meticulously organised. The strong planning from the creative operations meant that the client had a great range of options with regards to wide array of models, clothing and food to cater for any variants or cancellations on the day. The strong risk assessment paid off and enabled the day to go seamlessly, which gave the client real confidence in the Wonderful team as they were able to enjoy the day rather that get involved in operational issues.


“This was a great job to get our creative teeth into – we showed sketches for our initial creative ideas based on the brief from the client; they picked a route to develop and we visualised the adverts based on an in-depth brand guidelines; this then went to a photoshoot, which then concluded in copywriting, final artwork and media placements. We were all really happy with how the project went.”

Andy Redman, Head of Creative

Wonderful Creative Agency

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