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The Reynolds Group is a family-run business with more than 25 years’ experience in health and fitness, customer service, hospitality and educational services (vocational qualifications in Performing Arts, Fitness, Beauty, Customer Service, Horticulture, Chef training, Leadership and management.

With 4 luxury spas across Kent including a 17-acre country club and fitness spa retreat in Borough Green, Reynolds offers it all – a member’s health club, country club and destination spa all perfectly rolled into one. Their aim to provide a truly unforgettable experience within their venues helping to improve their customers’ health, fitness and wellbeing.

Reynolds website mock-ups

Reynolds fitness spa

The Objective

Wonderful were asked to create new messaging through creative and digital campaigns in order to promote the core capabilities of the group to their existing members and also to encourage new members to sign up. The messages and visuals had to fully capture and promote the following:

  • Reynolds is more than just a health club, it is a way of life. Its about living a holistic life and feeling good about it.
  • Eating well, working out, feeling good and living life to the full.
  • It’s not just about killing yourself in the gym but about taking time out and reaping the benefits of balance.
  • The Reynolds lifestyle benefits every aspect of life. It promotes enjoying life’s luxuries without the guilt.
  • Its a lifestyle that gives the royal treatment you deserve, and places importance
  • on the ‘me time’.
  • A lifestyle that understands that your body is a temple, and punishing it in endless workouts isn’t the answer.
  • By using all that’s on offer and living the life of reynolds you are guaranteed to get results quicker. It’s the best version of you




Reynolds website displayed on

650,000 Targeted Impressions

Over the first two months boosting brand awareness across digital.


5,000 Targeted Consumers

Hitting the landing page over the first 2 months


134.8% Increase in Engagement

Across social media channels

The Change

Wonderful created a full integrated strategy that brought the key aspects of the Reynolds Group together through combining creative concepts and digital marketing. From content, community management, social PPC to banner ads and search engine marketing. Utilising platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Adwords we have ensured Reynolds are in front of potential customers as often as possible before they convert into a lead and sale.

Using detailed targeting methods and audience profiling we have ensured traffic coming onto the website is as informed as possible increasing time spent on site and raising the conversion rates of those calling and booking a visit.

The campaign creative featured our initiated strap-line “Work it, Feel it, Taste it, Live it. The Reynolds Way of life.” This messaging mirrors the brand essence and really reflects the way of life that comes with Reynolds by focusing on the four key points that make Reynolds so unique. This really gets the message across subtly and with a minimal approach on text.





Reynolds Logo
Reynolds mobile website

We have loved working with Wonderful, they have really added value to our marketing operations as our strategic marketing partner this year. They have provided so much support in creative and digital solutions across our high-end creative branding and our digital campaigns, web and social media.
The team have been an utter delight to work with often going the extra mile and helping us add value to our business during this rapid time of growth. An example of this is Wonderful have also supported Reynolds by attending live events and posting valuable content through our social media channels for VIP, celebrity events and menu tasting showcase”

Paul Irving, CEO

Reynolds Group

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