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Tipplesworth was born through Founder and mixologist Frankie Snobel and her passion for vintage bar accessories and mixing cocktails. Launched in 2013,  this flourishing business includes stylish cocktail cases, mini cocktail kits and vintage trolley events – everything you need for some Happy Tippling!

Tipplesworth has gone from strength to strength, with products  selling in Harvey Nichols, Fortnum & Mason and Selfridges, amongst others, and exclusive lines being created for Liberty. The cocktail portfolio is sure to surprise and delight, demystifying mixology and creating cocktail bar quality drinks that you can enjoy anywhere.


Tipplesworth website mockup examples


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Tipplesworth cocktail

The Objective

Tipplesworth came to us to create an eCommerce brand experience website within a short time-frame. It was fundamentally important to the client that the resulting website needed to be seen as an extension of the brand. It was important that we built the website from scratch and focused around the brand feel first, then brought the functional e-Commerce elements within it.

It was clear that Tipplesworth was born from the client’s passion for cocktails and mixology, and that her personality and unique style was fundamental to the brand. We quickly understood the key to us understanding the brand was though clear and regular communication with the client.

This website would also include a whole host of new products and a new product range in its initial build, but in designing the new site we also needed to keep in mind that there was potential for the client to need to add other new products and product ranges during the lifespan of the site so adaptability was key.


Tipplesworth website on a tablet

Visual Execution of a Cocktail Brand



Fantastic UX on the Site



Fun & Engaging Content


The Change

We took time initially going back to basics and produced sketches of site concepts. This helped keep the teams ideas focused on the user experience and how we would convey the brand essence – rather than try and spend too much time looking a different background images or exploring how the products would be place on a web page.

After these concepts were received well we moved on the mac to start constructing moodboards. This seems a strange direction to move in but the client had a clear style that she wanted to portray – therefore by getting feedback on these moodboards we were able to get guidance upon imagery and feel before constructing our designs.

This process meant that when we started designing the look and feel of the site we were so much further down the process without giving the client a design. This way when we went back with the initial home page designs they hit the mark perfectly. This process allowed us to work much better in the tight time scale and made the process much more straightforward for all involved.


Key pages were designed from the product and brand up. We thought about the users experience of the brand so brought the recipe videos into key areas on the site to help sell the products and to engage them with the brand better. It was important to the client that we added quirky branded elements that captured the brand’s personality, this was done through the introduction of the brand’s tone of voice, animated Gifs and the ‘Shakerman’.

The resulting site ticked all the boxes of the client’s brief, plus the team feel it’s become a real key case study for the company. This website summarises how well we become an extension of a client’s company and really get to grips with understanding their brand – something Wonderful pride ourselves on.










Tipplesworth logo
Tipplesworth website on a laptop screen

It was great to work with Wonderful Creative Agency, the team really took the time to truly encapsulate the Tipplesworth brand at every stage of the process. I’ve been very impressed with the level of research, design and work that went into developing the website and I am thrilled with the results. I’ve found an agency who will take my creative vision and their expertise to produce something I’m extremely proud of.”

Frankie Snobel, CEO & Founder


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