In our work with a leading UK gym franchise, we were tasked with generating brand awareness by growing the brand’s social engagement and informed web traffic and improving PPC performance.

During our first full month of activity, we achieved an astonishing 2,000,000 brand interactions for the brand across all marketing channels.

Below is a breakdown of the channels and tactics we used in order to drive brand awareness for the business in the key January period.

Google Paid Search

As part of our audit for the client, we restructured their PPC account to focus on specific gym locations. We produced new keyword-optimised advertising for the account, sending users to the specific gym location page, drastically improving quality score and ad rank.

We further implemented location targeting to focus spend and target only the users most likely to use the gym. With the use of ad extensions, we were able to highlight unique aspects of the gyms, while taking up more advertising real estate to push out competitors.

These tactics allowed the gym to rank 1st place in search for each gym location. This caused a 344% increase in website sessions from PPC, and a 699% increase in PPC conversions.

Google Display

We produced display advertising assets in line with new branding guidelines, highlighting the gym’s price point. A targeted remarketing strategy allowed us to target users that didn’t convert on their first website visit.

This allowed the brand to capitalise on lost website traffic, and brought 2000 users who wouldn’t have otherwise converted, back onto the website to re-engage with the brand.

By capping viewable impressions, we prevented advertising and brand saturation occurring for users that would not be interested in purchasing in any instance.

Facebook Ads

Our Facebook PPC strategy was based around recurring monthly offers and discounts provided by the internal team as part of their broader marketing strategies.

By using location targeting, we ensured offers were targeted at particular gym locations with tailored ad copy to improve CTRs.

Tight budgeting, scheduling and optimisation was key to maximising Facebook spend, and ensuring offers ran in tandem with offline marketing at relevant locations. This included managing offer codes with web development teams to ensure all offers were claimed without issues.

In the first month we generated 20x the link clicks compared to previous activity, with an additional 1747% increase in advert reach – drastically improving the brand’s reach across social media.

Content Marketing

Wonderful worked with the internal marketing team to create a series of content marketing assets including GIFs, video content, advertising imagery and brand collateral in order to unify the brand online and offline. This content was an excellent tool to increase digital reach, and increase the variety of posts across the brand’s social media accounts.

Producing a wider variety of content that could be promoted was also a  great way to make the content stand out from competitors.

Facebook Boosting

Combining Facebook PPC boosting and our content marketing assets was a key way of creating engagement across their channels.

By using refined interest and demographic targeting we were able to effectively promote competitions, membership offers and giveaways beyond their organic Facebook reach.

By emphasising sharing in competition entries, we were able to hugely increase the reach of their social presence and as a consequence brand awareness.

Sample posts included an exclusive offer, with the entry requirements being to “like, share and tag a friend”. This built in virality allowed the posts and offers to reach whole new audiences previously unaware of the gym franchise.

In one month alone we generated a reach of over 595,000, exposing half a million people in the UK to the brand.

Customer Engagement Campaign

Our customer engagement campaign asked users to share when they were either meeting their fitness goals or missing their goals. We pulled these entries into a continually managed social competition wall, with the best post of the month winning an exclusive prize.

This campaign put the brand in front of its existing customers and incentivised positive engagement with customers online. The use of a hashtag connected members to each other, along with the posts themselves acting as advertisements for the brand.

Email Marketing

Email marketing activity worked alongside digital advertising and offline marketing to reach existing members with referral campaigns and lapsed and cancelled members with exclusive reengagement offers and deals.

Much like remarketing, the email marketing strategy capitalised on previously engaged users to maximise conversions.

A robust email marketing strategy ensured data was being used effectively to generate ongoing sales and always making sure the brand was in front of ex-members who may consider rejoining.

These 7 marketing tactics generated an enormous 2 million brand impressions for the client in just 1 month:

  • Google Paid Search
  • Google Display
  • Facebook Ads
  • Content Marketing
  • Facebook Boosting
  • Customer Engagement Campaign
  • Email Marketing

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