Technology is evolving at an extremely rapid rate, meaning that you need to be constantly aware of changes that could affect your content, your marketing and your presence online. Here are our top 5 content marketing trends that will help you to strive for, and achieve your goals online in 2019.

Plan Plan Plan

Align your business goals. As the old saying goes, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

You will need to create and publish content that both serves your audience, provides value and helps to achieve your goals and vision for the year ahead. Take time to discover your audience and what you think they would like to see, and establish KPIs that make your business unique and stand out from the rest of the market. Do some research, and curate a plan that will set you up nicely for the year.


No, the Kardashians’ really aren’t the be all and end all of social influencer marketing anymore! *Shocked face* The chances are, people will trust those with fewer followers on social media, as the use of Instagram to present a distorted view is slowly being uncovered – from the selling of “skinny coffee” and“fat loss tea” to the latest food supplement when really they just have the latest editing app.

This leads to the question of trustworthiness – if these macro influencers can lie about the results they’re getting from these products, what else are they lying about when promoting other products?

Working with micro-influencers can be a walk in the right direction for businesses of all sizes, and it can be the fastest way to drive brand awareness, amplification of content and build a real connection with your audience.

Read more on the different types of influencers in our guest blog here!

“Alexa, what is content marketing?”

2 words: Voice search.

Smartphones are becoming more and more, well… Smart. And humans are becoming more reliant on making their lives more simple. You need to think about how your content will be found online, and how users are likely to find and view it.

We have progressed to a point where you can’t just plan and optimise keywords for a search engine result, but must also consider “how will a typical target customer ask a question into their smartphone?”

Huge changes are coming with search, with some marketers believing that as many as half of all online searches will be voice searches by 2020 – we simply cannot ignore the power of voice search. Your content, ideally, needs to be able to answer questions with quick answers if you want to show up in search in the near future. Marketers need to be thinking about words people are likely to say, and not just what they are likely to type.

Tell Your Story

Create original, authentic content, and mean it.

There is no point in creating content that your business does not believe in, or does not back fully. You can use content marketing to your advantage if you can tell your story in an honest manner, and target your audience with content they believe in.

According to Marketing Insider Group, 78% of consumers say that relevant content personal to them will increase their purchase intent. Quality and relevance are goals of the online consumer, and personalisation is the only way to gain the attention of potential customers.

Content marketing is a great way to build brand awareness, that is less about “bragging” and more about the experience you create for your audience. Your content needs to be original, relevant and meaningful. Plan your content, and create your own using your brand specialties to bring ideas to life.

If you are short on ideas, you can look into hiring a consultant or agency to help you with strategy, planning or content creation designed to target your users. (link to content marketing page).

Content Marketing and Artificial Intelligence

AI (artificial intelligence) is already beginning to play a massive part in marketing, and in 2019 this is set to keep rising.

One of the biggest affects AI will have on content marketing is that analytics and machine learning will completely change. Artificial Intelligence will gather and interpret data in seconds, whereas this would usually take months of work from dozens of people.

But, what does this mean specifically for content marketing?

This will allow marketers to build better strategies, as they will have more data to work with faster and with the option of continued learning through the lifetime of a campaign, and will be able to understand and target their audience more directly and with content that is actually desirable.

Audience segments can be a powerful thing within a business, allowing you to create direct, personalised content for each audience segment based on personality traits, interests, location, and online shopping behaviour.

If you want to excel in your content marketing this year, you need to keep these trends in mind, and you must create a plan that coincides with your business goals. If you would like further information, get in touch and talk to one of our content writers!

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