At Wonderful we don’t simply brand companies, build websites and run digital marketing campaigns. We create innovative solutions to help businesses work at their full potential.

Through our best-in-class techniques and bespoke growth plans we assess digital problems and put in place strategies that lead to commercial success.  This means achieving what matters most to you. Whether that’s creating a phenomenal brand, a highly-optimised eCommerce website, a digital marketing strategy that delivers quality leads – or all 3. We know how to make it happen.

We push boundaries through thinking not just about your brand, your website, or your digital marketing – but how all of the digital elements of your business work together. It means thinking creatively about technology, and about the technological impact of creative. It’s at the intersection of these two areas that we help clients be Wonderful.

Key Players

Dan Maudhub.

Managing Director

A strategy, transformation, sales and marketing guru, Dan founded Wonderful Creative Agency.
He’s worked with Pfizer, Tesco, the NHS and Google on a diverse range of projects over the years, and is the go-to for big brands for marketing and branding consultancy.
Fun fact:
Climbs some of the highest mountains in the world, and YES as a hobby!

Chris Higgins.

Head of Digital Creative

The authority on creative technology, digital strategy/ delivery, front end web development, video production and campaign ideation.
Chris has worked with the likes of Slush Puppie, Trueview, Dreamland Margate, and the Cereal Killer Cafe.
He’s also our resident beard expert.
Fun fact:
Once made a cup of tea for Michael Caine

Josh Pattison.

Digital Marketing Manager

Wonderful’s digital strategy, PPC, analytics, CRO, and SEO expert! Josh is Google Partner Certified, and has a 1st Class Honours in Business Administration (B.Sc.)
He’s run digital campaigns for the likes of Pizza Express, Diageo, South West Trains and Dreamland, and is a specialist in creative digital marketing.
Fun fact:
Broken 8 bones in his body. (Not at the same time)

Our Values.


/kri?’e?t?v/ – adjective
relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something.

“Constantly striving for creative solutions to business needs”


/k?’lab?r?t?v/ – adjective
produced by or involving two or more parties working together.
“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”


/k?’re?d??s/ – adjective
the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc, without fear; bravery.

“Not doing things the easy way, doing them the right way”

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