Mission Statement

The Wonderful Group is proud to be a responsible business in terms of how we work ethically with our clients and how we effectively contribute to global communities with our charitable initiatives and diversity policies. The Wonderful Foundation makes a continual and sustainable difference. Tried and tested, the team is fanatical about delivering significant impact by using our resources, creative minds and our dedicated network.

At Wonderful, social responsibility starts internally with our staff who are continually engaged with the process and who enjoy giving back to people and organisations who require help. The impact of these internal drivers help us shape our global corporate strategy, busting with great ideas and game changing concepts that benefit communities, the environment and our people

How the Foundation works

Wonderful works with individuals and the business community in the UK in order to connect them with meaningful projects and initiatives across the globe. Wonderful believes in collaborative partnerships in order to bring people together for a greater good.

The Wonderful Foundation sources partnerships across the globe and looks at how we can collaborate with partners to deliver positive change to the community.

Wonderful helps to finance initiatives, mentor individuals and teams, set up programmes and ensure the quality of operations and governance are at the forefront of every project.

Wonderful is committed to work from relationship to structure and ensure we understand the objectives, outcomes and sustainability of any project or individual we support

How to get involved in our work:

  1. Funding the work of the foundation. There are many global opportunities for organisations and individuals to get involved and sponsor the work of the Wonderful Foundation. The Wonderful Foundation can act as your nominated charity of the year or can receive one-off donations to support the projects across the globe.
  2. Funding for specific projects. There are numerous opportunities to ring-fence funds for specific projects outlined on our website or you can speak to us directly.
  3. Corporate fundraising events. The Wonderful Foundation encourages all of our corporate supporters to be active partners and engage with staff, employees and the wider community by hosting your own fundraising events or initiatives throughout the year.
  4. Sign up and join one of our events.


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