Why it’s important in the ever-changing industry.

February is the month of fashion, with designers and brands taking the opportunity to showcase their new AW19 collections for the upcoming year, seeing Fashion Week hit 4 major cities. But how do brands & marketeers leverage this effectively with the rise of online networks and bloggers?

It goes without saying that brands and designers will have needed to develop a content marketing strategy to capitalise on Fashion Week, incorporating the use of latest technology, inevitably leveraging the use of social media. The content from Fashion Week, whether in Milan, Paris, London or New York, will need to be distributed in new ways that will drive loyalty and sales from not just existing, but new customers too.

5 years ago, Fashion Week appeared to be an exclusive, invitation-only event, and although keeping the same level of exclusivity, it is also opened up to the public via Instagram stories of those lucky bloggers/influencers who have been asked to attend.

According to Salesforce, 52% of people are likely to switch brands if a company has not made a bid to communicate to them on a personal level. That being said, building relationships with consumers is so important in 2019, even for the luxury end designers.

Fashion brands will need to be inventive with how to rise above the noise. What makes one fashion brand different from the rest? What gives them the vital cut-through they need?

Last year, during Fashion Week SS18, New York generated close to 2 BILLION interactions on social media, approximately 12% more than Paris, which came in second. Even though bloggers/influencers only created a measly 7% of the posts related to NYFW, they also prompted 57% of the multibillion interactions. These stats are expected to increase at all Fashion Weeks around the globe in 2019, and are likely to exceed these expectations when brands collaborate strategically, be it with a successful businessman, a superstar, another designer or even just a social media star. (Rumour has it, American actress and singer Zendaya is set to debut her first collaboration with clothing giant Tommy Hilfiger during Paris Fashion Week 2019 on 2nd March – which will be one to keep an eye out for!)

Building relationships with consumers through content is so important, even if they are gaining that second hand content via a blogger that they follow on Instagram. The whole point of influencers, is to inflict opinion on those that follow them, which is exactly what most of these fashion brands look to achieve throughout Fashion Week. Ideally, if seen on the runway, these trends will follow through to UGC (user-generated content) on Instagram within the next few months.

But do brands need to focus on a wider marketing campaign as well?

Simple answer, yes.

Fashion is primarily visual, so the content brands create does tend to be photograph/image focused. Fashion brands will need to consider online and offline content; with print and editorial still playing a big role within the industry, with the likes of Vogue, Cosmopolitan and ELLE.

A wider marketing campaign will build brand loyalty amongst consumers, and will also encourage word of mouth as well as UGC on Instagram and other social networks. This will also make the everyday person feel part of the brand as well as just influencers/bloggers online.

And obviously, remarketing is extremely important for online targeting to increase conversion rates. Just 3% of first-time visitors to a site are likely to make a purchase from an e-commerce website on their initial visit, meaning a loss of 97%. Remarketing is a great way to re-engage these visitors, and drive a bigger chance of purchase.

Whether you’re a big fashion designer, or a small retail brand, it’s important to make your potential consumers feel right at home on a personal level. Develop your brand position and focus on your target audience, as well as a wider marketing strategy for UGC on social networks.

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