Without the right strategy, social media can often be a difficult thing for businesses to get right. Often businesses jump straight in and create profiles without knowing exactly why, what their strategy is, or how they will grow their account.

We have been helping brands define their social strategy, achieve their goals and grow their accounts for over a decade.

The Reynolds Group, providers of luxury spa facilities, fitness resort and retreat, approached us with a social media management and PPC brief. Wonderful’s tactics helped Reynolds achieve fantastic results in just two months, with a 134% increase in social media engagement and over 600,000 targeted impressions.

When growing your brand on social media, three elements are essential for success:

  • Goals – why are you on social media?
  • Messaging – what do you want to say?
  • Strategy – how are you going to achieve your goals?

Without a clear, unified sense of these three elements, you will fail to grow your business online.

The Goals

We met with the client to refine their core ambitions and targets for social media. We defined the following key goals:

  • To engage and update their existing customers.
  • To attract new customers to Reynolds’ facilities.

The Messaging

Wonderful developed messaging around the following key elements of the Reynolds brand:

  • Reynolds is a way of life, not just a health club.
  • Reynolds is a about enjoying a lifestyle, not just about getting fit.
  • Reynolds is luxury, and gives customers the royal treatment.

Once this core messaging was established, Wonderful developed imagery that would visually encapsulate the brand ethos across digital. In addition to the initial key positionings: “The Reynolds Way of Life” and “Work it, Feel it, Taste it, Live it”.

The Strategy

We created an integrated strategy bringing together digital marketing and social media management.

We focused social PPC efforts on Facebook as it was the platform which enabled the greatest reach and most efficient targeting for a regional B2C company. It was also a way of establishing a defined “hub” of content, resources and versatile means of customer service, that would be easily reached by the Reynolds’ target demographic.

A concise social PPC strategy used demographic, interests and regional targeting to reach high-value consumers likely to find the content and messaging both relevant and attractive.

These users were targeted with advertising showcasing exclusive monthly offers, inviting them to sign up online via an offer-tailored landing page.

If certain users didn’t sign-up after reaching the landing page, our Facebook tracking pixel allowed us to retarget these users with tailored advertising. This messaging focused on a sense of urgency and often contained modified offers to further entice the user.

This paid strategy was supported by 24/7 social media management, ensuring regular, engaging on-brand content was posted across Reynolds social channels with a clear visual identity.

Our social listening tools allowed us to see where, why and how Reynolds was being discussed online. Regular engagement with user enquiries allowed us to inform and drive leads to the business, while providing excellent customer care.

The Results

We grew the brand’s online presence through these key tactics:

  • Focusing on core brand values.
  • Developing a unified visual identity.
  • Using focused targeting to reach high-value customers.
  • Advertising the latest offers and discounts.
  • Ensuring continual social media management to provide excellent customer service.
  • Directing users to a focused landing page and sign-up form.

After just two months, Reynolds saw the following results:

  • 650,000+ targeted impressions.
  • 5,000+ targeted consumers.
  • Over 360% increase in form submissions from social media.
  • 134.8% increase in social engagement.


To recap, defining the three social media essentials was key to the success of Reynolds. Here are some quick pointers and examples for each essential:

Goals – Why are you on social media?

  • Gain new followers.
  • Create meaningful engagement.
  • Provide excellent customer service.
  • Update your customers.
  • Increase leads, sales and conversions.

Messaging – what do you want to say?

  • Define your brand and your USP
  • Reflect this in both copy and imagery
  • Have a unified identity and tone of voice
  • Be goal-focused in your content

Strategy – how are you going to achieve your goals?

  • Define your audience
  • Define your budgets
  • Define schedules, campaign lengths and how it links with your marketing plan
  • Think of social media as a long-term, consistent investment – not just a one-off setup.

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