At Wonderful, we often inherit PPC accounts from clients dissatisfied with their digital agencies not delivering on specific KPIs. In receiving a new account, we employ a concise four-step process for refreshing and optimising an account.

This process is what led us to achieve a 264% increase in paid search conversions for The Clubhouse in just 3 months. This was especially impressive given the increase in conversions occurred over the Christmas and New Year period – a historically slower period for the business.

Step 1: Account Audit

The first step for our digital marketing team in formulating a clear account strategy is always to analyse the activity of the previous agency. This lets us see what worked and what didn’t in terms of strategies, and opportunities for improvement. Typically we look at the following account areas:

  • Structure – Is the account structure clear, organised and focused?
  • Budgets – Are budgets optimally allocated?
  • Bids – Are they managed effectively?
  • Keywords – Are they relevant, concise and converting?
  • Ads – Are they keyword-focused, with strong CTAs?
  • Extensions – Are they tailored and relevant across campaigns and ad groups?
  • Scripts – What scripts are in use, how are they automating the account?
  • Conversion Tracking – Has this been set up? Are the right goals being tracked?

When looking at these areas, we also look for key highs and lows throughout the account’s performance, and what key aspects of the previous agency’s strategy worked, and what is hindering performance.

Step 2: Account Restructuring

All too often the main problem is the fundamental account structure. In the case of The Clubhouse, the account structure was confused and bloated. It was essential for us to begin from scratch, with campaigns based around key business offerings.

We also noticed the abundance of keywords with incredibly low search volumes, and ads not personalised to the specific ad group or to high-value target keywords. There was evidence of bid management tools being used, but this had been at the expense of having enticing ads, a clean account structure and keywords that would convert – all undermining the efforts of bid automation.

It was very refreshing to begin from scratch, with the knowledge that the clean account structure would give us clarity in monitoring and optimising the account going forward.

Step 3: Conversion Tracking

Accurate conversion tracking is absolutely essential for demonstrating the effectiveness of PPC and ROI for the client.

Key to increasing conversions is making sure you have the right conversion actions tracked in the first instance, and ensuring each of these goals is assigned an appropriate value and conversion category.

In reviewing the conversion tracking for the account, we found that irrelevant goals were being tracked in place of more relevant user actions, form submissions and website phone calls.

We implemented Google Analytics conversion tracking from scratch to ensure we were in full control of all conversion actions.

This was in addition to making specific on-page content recommendations and experimenting with final URLs to ensure the best user experience possible. Optimising UX where possible is an area agencies often ignore, despite it having a sizeable impact on conversions.

Step 4: Reporting

The final piece of the puzzle was ensuring the correct metrics were being reported on. Ensuring consistent monthly reporting on key AdWords metrics and goal completions helps both client and account manager understand how to optimise the account going forward.

With the correct account structure, conversion tracking, and reporting system in place, it was only a matter of time before Wonderful yielded superior results for the client. Over the first three months managing the account, we:

  • Increased paid search conversions by 264%
  • Reduced cost per conversion by 67%
  • Increased average search position by 52%

The account remains strong to this day, delivering a great ROI for the client, and driving informed, high-value, converting users to the business.

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