When you’re launching a business, you need to know that the team behind the strategy, planning and creative can build a successful brand launch, define you from your competitors, and most importantly set you up for long-term success.

At Wonderful, we’re no stranger to tight deadlines. We were tasked with the delivery of corporate branding, website design and subsequent digital marketing for the launch of The New Tooth Company – in just 8 weeks!

Our creative execution, strategy and fast turnaround meant the dental implant clinic had great impact on launch and thrives to this day.

Week 1 – Brand Positioning

When Wonderful first met the team behind The New Tooth Company, they had the vision and professional expertise – but no name.

It was our task to position the brand within the crowded dental marketplace and translate this to a broad mix of creative – from print and web design, to digital marketing campaigns and beyond.

The first stage was a comprehensive Wonderful workshop, where both parties sat down and scoped their vision, perimeters and goals for the brand. The client was adamant in their desire to be different from the stuffy and clinical image of the usual dental clinic, wanting an approachable and fun feel to the business.

Week 2 – Brand Name And Creative

Both parties left the workshop with a clear idea of how to go about the naming and creative process. The Wonderful team put their experience to work in coming up with a set of names we knew captured the brand goals of the business – while ensuring it was attractive to the client’s core target audience and broader business goals.

Wonderful paired the names with a set of initial creative designs of how the brand would work across print, web and marketing efforts – injecting a splash of colour across the branding to reflect the fun feel of the brand.

The Wonderful team presented their ideas to the client, and The New Tooth Company was born!

Weeks 3 and 4 – Website Design and UX

The team refined brand visuals and focused particularly on how the brand would translate across the website. Our creative, web design and digital marketing teams collaborated to research, brainstorm and explore user experience for the new website.

At Wonderful, we believe great websites put the user first. That means flawless functionality, simple navigation and unintrusive visuals.

The team mapped out the various user journeys for the new website, stripping the website down to its core elements, with no dead space, ensuring:

  • Clear call-to-actions
  • Simple navigation
  • Focused landing pages
  • Mobile optimisation
  • SEO

Web design is a great example of how the Wonderful team comes together, drawing on their various specialisms to create something unified and focused on client goals and UX.

The New Tooth Company website was built, focus-group tested and quality-assured before being presented to the client, so any snags could be resolved before pre-launch marketing began.

Week 5 and 6 – Digital Marketing

The digital marketing team worked with both design and web teams from the very first stages of the brand launch strategy to make sure concepts and web design worked towards the goal of driving great business through digital.

Wonderful integrates the digital marketing team throughout the whole brand process, making sure all decisions work to drive informed, converting digital traffic to the business.

Once web designs were finalised with the digital marketing team in mind, it was time to focus on a cross-platform strategy for driving traffic.

The team knew search and social would play a fundamental role in building a consistent following, with the capacity for long-term referrals and testimonials from customers.

Local PPC

Aside from developing a social media presence and tone of voice that would build followers and drive conversions, the team implemented a conversion-focused PPC strategy across:

  • Google paid search
  • Google display remarketing
  • Facebook PPC
  • Facebook remarketing

The team used hyperfocused demographic and geographic regional targeting to ensure minimal wasted spend, using a granular approach to the paid search account to ensure optimal performance from day one. Building out a negative keyword list blocking ads from appearing for other cosmetic implant procedures was essential.

The digital marketing team embarked on a small scale, localised launch campaign, focusing on targeting Facebook users in the vicinity, directing them to an isolated landing page to register their interest and spread the word ahead of the full site going live. This worked in tandem with email marketing to target a select series of users who had signed-up for a consultation before the big launch.

Remarketing allowed Wonderful to present display advertising to users who visit the site and don’t convert, both helping brand awareness and capitalising on users who dropped out of the sales funnel.

Local SEO

As a local business, a localised SEO strategy was absolutely essential to gain the search positions and reviews that mattered. Competing on terms such as “dental implants” would be too broad of a strategy for a business only serving a certain region. As such titles, meta descriptions and content was optimised around regional terms such as “dental implants kent” – to ensure only highly relevant traffic was directed to the website.

Week 7 – Pre-Launch

For the final week before the launch, the team refined their strategies, making all aspects of the launch watertight. A key component of the final testing was site usability across devices, platforms and browsers.

Wonderful teams met regularly to ensure all project members were aware of timelines and the work of other teams on launch day, working with the client to foolproof all aspects of the launch, and ensure digital and print rolled out on the same day.

Week 8 – The Brand Launch

The day arrived and Wonderful activated the brand new website, designs and cross-platform digital marketing to drive new consultations to the business.

The client testimonial speaks for itself:

“The team at Wonderful worked with us throughout the development of our branding and marketing strategy. Their enthusiasm and experience proved invaluable and the results speak for themselves. After only six months our business is thriving and with the continued support of Wonderful we will undoubtedly continue to grow”. – Gary and Mel Moynes, Owners – The New Tooth Company

The Results

Since the launch, The New Tooth Company has seen fantastic, business-growing results:

  • Google search rankings:
    • #1 Dental Implants Kent
    • #1 Dental Implant Kent
    • #1 Tooth Implants Kent
    • #1 Cheap Dental Implants Kent
  • Average of 45 new consultations per month as a result of paid search PPC, SEO and social media activity.
  • 74% phone call conversion rate due to informed traffic being driven through digital marketing.
  • 78% consultation to treatment purchase rate – showing the great relationship between branding and client delivery.

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