Wonderful were tasked with building and launching a new ISA brand from scratch and have not only had to make it look great, but also have had to instill a sense of trust and security for potential investors. Creating a new, innovative ISA brand has been challenging, yet rewarding for the Wonderful team.

The ISA is available through Just ISA, which boasts a high return of up to 8% per annum, and focuses on helping the everyday person take on corporations and individuals. Through much deliberation, brainstorming and discussions, Just Investment was born. The thinking behind the name focused on the word “justice” and how it would ultimately help to put the “us” into “justice”, providing the brand with both a strong image to present to potential investors, and an easy-to-remember tagline for promotion.

Our creative team got to work on bringing in illustrative elements to the design, with the aim of helping Just stand out from competitors and to bring a sense of identity to the brand. Once we had developed the brand and determined the desired look and feel, the website was brought to life!

From launching the website, the brand has ranked #1 for all target key brand terms, gained 1000+ new followers across social platforms, and also had content featured by several high-profile financial bloggers. Paid media campaigns were also launched as part of wider brand awareness campaigns, to help increase brand visibility across a range of platforms.

As our campaign of brand growth and recognition continues, Wonderful aims to position the brand as the leader in it’s financial sector, with an active community based on all our early work – and the foundational processes we put in place to make this launch such a success.

You can view the site here, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date.

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