In early July, Facebook announced it would be introducing advertising into the Facebook Messenger platform as part of an extended trial. Ads will appear in the home screen of the Messenger app. Users clicking ads would either be taken to the advertiser’s website, or open up a conversation in messenger itself with the brand.

Why is Facebook Doing This?

Messenger has 1.2 billion monthly users, while Facebook gets around 85% of its advertising revenue from mobile. This move is a signal of the broadening of Facebook’s mobile advertising base, and the growing importance of mobile for both advertisers and users.

Facebook wants to disperse its advertising across all of its offerings, rather than over-saturating the user’s news feed. Over saturation harms both users and advertisers, as users don’t want ads to dominate their news feeds, and advertisers want ads to be penetrative and an effective form of marketing.

Facebook has found a middle ground and provided a solution for both users and advertisers.

What Does It Mean For Businesses?

Businesses will now have a wider range of opportunities to engage with its key audiences. Facebook has already introduced chatbots and Messenger functionality in its existing ad solutions – and this is further confirmation of the direction Facebook is heading in.

There are 4 key changes businesses can make to prepare for Messenger Ads:

1 – Embrace Digital Marketing

Digital marketing offers a huge amount of opportunity for businesses used to offline marketing. It’s hyper-segmented in terms of targeting and advertising solutions. Messenger is a prime example of the exciting solutions available to businesses today.

2 – Think About Your Engagement Strategy

Messenger ads tilts advertising towards conversation and away from the hard sell. Think about how you can talk to your potential customers online – and what you’re doing currently to bring in new business.

3 – Talk To Your Creative Agency Or Digital Marketing Team

Has your marketing team thought about Facebook advertising? Is your marketing team on top of the latest developments? Now is a great time to prepare for Messenger ads – early adoption can often yield great results due to lower competition from other advertisers.

4 – Think About More Than Just Clicks

Messenger opens up whole new possibilities for lead generation and how users interact with your brand. Conversations are often more valuable than clicks for both brand awareness, sentiment and building a loyal consumer base.

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