Delivering business growth
through data-driven insight.

Data-driven digital marketing, that delivers measurable growth.

Game changing intelligence.

Delivering transparency and insight like never before, Wonderful’s proprietary business intelligence data tool, OmniBI, changes the game, enabling you to have full visibility of the impact of your campaigns and set KPIs & targets, empowering you to make data-driven decisions which deliver business growth. 

OmniBI turns data into insight, enabling us to focus on doing the things that will have the most impact on driving growth through your digital marketing”

Take your Digital Marketing to the next level.

Decision making without data is just guess work; and data without context is just numbers. Particularly when looking at your digital marketing strategy.

Potential clients often come to us telling us they need some SEO. Maybe some PPC. Maybe a bit of Content. But when you dig deeper into their numbers, the data tells a different story. This story also evolves over time, meaning the strategy set out in month 1 is no longer optimal for delivering growth in month 6. 

This is why Wonderful developed a unique proprietary tool, OmniBI, to beautifully aggregate, analyse and present data in a meaningful and valuable way, adding vital insight, empowering all parties to deliver growth through data-driven decision making.

OmniBI provides Business Intelligence which is: 


All of your data,
in one place.


See what you need to see,
with context. 


Your data tells a story.
Let’s read it. 


Insights which facilitate
meaningful change. 

No more wasting budget on ineffective marketing. 

Flexible digital retainers: not constrained by contract but, instead, freed by insight.

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the ‘one-size fits all’ model of digital marketing agency retainer does not work. Months 1-3 of any digital retainer are often the period where learnings & trends are gleaned, usually from the typical agency month-end reports.

However, real-time insight allows for these digital activities to be adapted, optimised and focussed where they will deliver the most impact, stopping businesses from wasting budget where it’s not working, maximising growth

Data-Driven Strategy. 

Your initial focus may be on on-site technical SEO, and a focus on on-site Content; but as this evolves over time, and a business’ digital footprint matures, the numbers & data may indicate that this strategy and balance of efforts needs to evolve in month 3, 6, 8… 

Our client’s Wonderful resource can be reapportioned towards the areas of the digital marketing mix which will deliver the most impact. It may be that a campaign dictates the need for PPC & Lead Generation; or perhaps growth through organic Social Media, driving traffic to well-crafted Landing Pages, all of which can be undertaken in real-time as the business’ story unfolds. 

Flexible Digital Retainers which work.

Your Wonderful digital retainer flexes to ensure campaigns and activity are aligned to deliver to your business goals.



Be found online by optimising your site and content for the right audience.


Pay-Per Click (PPC) campaigns, which actually deliver ROI against key objectives.


Analysing user behaviour to maximise performance once visitors hit your website or app.

Social Media

Utilising social networks, engagement and influence to drive your business growth. 


Send emails which hit customers with the right message, at the right time in their buying cycle. 


Monitor response to your content, and create valuable videos which generate genuine engagement. 


Content is King. But using data to decide the right content to deliver to your audience is absolutely paramount. 


Custom tracking enabling transparency and total visibility of conversion. 

When you partner with Wonderful we empower you with the tools, creativity and insight you need to grow your business and OmniBI is at the heart of this mission. Join partners like these: 

Dreamland Margate TW Drainage Software of Excellence MotorMouth

Want to see how we can help your brand through a data-driven digital strategy?

Whether you know exactly what your business needs to grow, or you’re looking for independent advice and guidance to formulate a comprehensive data-driven digital strategy, let us walk you through OmniBI’s capabilities!

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