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Burton’s Biscuit Company is the only major biscuit manufacturer in the UK to focus solely on biscuits and is one of the key players in the market. They produce Jammie Dodgers, Wagon Wheels, Maryland Cookies, Lyons Biscuits and Cadbury Biscuits.

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The Challenge

Burton’s Biscuit Co approached Wonderful seeking the production of 8 short videos for their international conference and internal comms.  The international team had some exciting news to roll-out and required a creative solution to effectively communicate the changes in an engaging format. The turnaround times where tight with only 8 working days between commissioning and going live. We embraced the challenge.

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The Solution

Collaboration was key given the tight deadlines. Strict project milestones and communication channels were agreed on up-front to ensure production went smoothly.

In order to effectively communicate Burton’s core messages we first had to fully absorb and understand their international strategy – what had already been put in place and what was planned for 2016 onwards. With that foundation in place the script writing process went ahead and provided a solid framework for our creative execution.

Our final output was a series of 8 videos designed to communicate the team’s objectives, strategy, challenges, history and vision. The videos utilised a range of techniques to keep interest at the event; parody, talking heads, animation, interviews, montage and humour.

Eight videos in eight days was a mammoth undertaking but a combination of integrity, planning and creativity saw the client delighted with the end results.

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“It was a real pleasure working with Wonderful and we were delighted with the end result!  Wonderful provided us with the original and creative work that one hopes for when working with a ‘creative’ agency – which is sadly all too often not the case with many agencies.  They clearly ‘got it’ and this came through in the quality and effectiveness of their work.

Matt Graves, Head of Marketing

Burton’s Biscuits Company

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