A public to private sector brand transition and creating and launching a new brand identity for the 500 strong business in a media sensitive environment.



Cantium Business Solutions brought together 5 brands in order to form one of the first privatised public sector companies. Specialists in tailored back-office support, Cantium enable businesses to perform more efficiently through bespoke HR, IT and Finance solutions.


With no name, no brand and no launch strategy what was internally known within Kent County Council as, “The Business Services Centre,” needed an identity, look and feel, website, internal comms and a launch plan that put them on the map and establish themselves as major players within their industry.

Wonderful were approached to be their strategic partner agency and create, mold and launch the new brand to the world!


It was a privelege to be able to take KCC on this journey as they moved into the private sector with the Cantium brand.



With several layers of stakeholder from board level down to employee engagement groups Wonderful implemented company wide workshops in order to create buy in from all relevant parties.

Before the name, before the logo, the first task was to understand the new business, where it sits in the industry and what the unique selling point is that differentiates them from the competition. Through two half-day branding sessions Wonderful worked with the senior team to draw out vision, values and USPs that would be instrumental in forming the brand architecture. The outcome was a clear brand proposition, “delivering value through insight.”

The second task in defining the brand was the decision on the name. With ties to Kent heritage but enough weight that it felt like an established brand Wonderful took the top stakeholders through a series of naming options. After whittling these down to the top three and after passing IP and trademark checks the wider team were then brought in test responses in order to make a final decision. An internal survey was conducted to 500 staff to collect responses and find a preferred option. Following all this there was a clear winner, Cantium Business Solutions. Cantium, which is a Latin word for the county town of Kent, provided the heritage link, paired with Business Solutions gave the brand an established trusting feel meeting all the stakeholders requirements.

With the name decided the next steps were to bring the brand to life. Colour usage, logo design, Photo and video shoot, brand guidelines and a new website were all deliverables of this phase of work. This was a collaborative process where Wonderful involved key stakeholders to make decisions and collected feedback from employee support groups ensuring staff participation the whole way through. From logo choice through to website design all the final deliverables had to align with the company’s core values of innovation and support the brand positioning of, (Delivering Value Through Insight). This determined colour usage, imagery style and the entire website user experience.

The final and most crucial part of the process was the company launch. Internal communication and perception are vital components to any new brand but particularly when 5 separate companies are merging into one new entity. Wonderful’s solution was to hold an exciting brand launch event for all members of the new company. At two separate locations we organised an interactive brand zone where company employees could understand and experience the new brand. Welcome packs, AR, making of the brand videos, simulators and a keynote from the senior team were all components to this exciting event that ensured an engaged workforce who felt part of the process but also understood its core values and positioning.

Cantium visualisations


The new brand identity has provided a structure and tone that all of the existing brands have been able to work within, consolidating several offerings into one clear proposition. The brand has been warmly received, avoiding the common challenges faced by public sector branding projects facing public and media scrutiny.

This was achieved by staying focused on the strategic objectives and being pragmatic with it’s application and roll out. High satisfaction and engagement levels have been reported by the 500 members of staff at Cantium with obvious buy in and alignment with the new vision. With a robust brand strategy in place, this is now the driving force behind marketing activities and some exciting, innovative developments for the business as it expands into the market. A brand that has broken new ground and is now a challenger to its established competitors.

  • 5 Brands Merged
  • 500 Staff
  • 92% Staff Satisfaction

“Wonderful worked with us closely to develop a strategy appropriate to more than just our short-term needs. From the formulation of our new brand identity, to creating the framework for a new umbrella organisation that amalgamated a number of existing departments, lasting change was promised and delivered.”

Brett Smith, Head of Sales and Marketing, Cantium


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