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CBRE’s commercial property consultants advise more clients than any other commercial property adviser, combining the market-making of management consultants with the accountability of professional advisers. The company works with occupiers, investors and developers of office, industrial and logistic, residential, retail and hotel property.


The Objective

CBRE required a creative concept in the form of a video that was aimed at improving internal communications for the company’s annual Green Week initiative. Green Week is part of the CBRE sustainability initiatives that run internally in order to encourage and enable key staff, including the sales team to better communicate to clients.

The aim was to get a conversation going where both client and staff member were more engaged on green issues: The CBRE sales team needed to be more confident when advising clients on saving costs on operational efficiencies such as energy. CBRE then had a central team to support any wider queries around the concept which was named “Start a green conversation today”.


The Change

Wonderful created a Green Glasses concept in order to raise the issues around understanding sustainability and up-selling to clients. The video, which focused on hybrid glasses that act like an advanced computer with digital intelligence, featured a commentator who was able to use the cleverly scripted narration to deliver key internal communication messages.

The messaging was successfully positioned around the key benefits of sustainability and its subject area, saving costs and providing key insight into green issues. The sales team was able to advise clients on how to save millions, by using the video and was able to meet the three key aims of the campaign: Save your clients money, increase the asset value and reduce their risk.



“Wonderful supported CBRE by creating an engaging piece of cut through video content to promote our sustainability services internally. The film was produced within an ambitious three week design brief and enabled us to talk to our EMEA employees about an important topic in a fun way, delivering valuable messages.”

Rebecca Pearce, Global Head of Sustainability


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