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The Integrated Technologies Limited Group (ITL) provide a full service solution in medical device technology design. From conceptualisation and product development right through to full scale manufacturing and aftersales support.Laptop displaying the ITL website

Product design plans

The Objective

Since 2014 Wonderful has been the ITL outsourced strategic marketing partner complimenting their small in-house team. Wonderful had been tasked with re-designing three of their websites including one for their sister company, laboratory product specialist VITL and build upon the existing framework in line with their global growth plans.

ITL provided a very exciting opportunity to work with a leading technical, research and development and engineering organisation that appeals to very niche audience globally. ITL product and services can be a very high net worth sale and have a sales cycle of over a year due to the very complex nature of the bespoke service.

Wonderful was required to simplify and improve the website experience, branded sales information (offline) and marketing collateral and organised photo-shoots and competitive intelligence to help build a response action plan for the global marketing strategy building on brand-awareness and lead generation in UK, Europe and USA.


154% Increase of Av Time Spent on the ITL Group Site


Av 2:24 Minutes Spent on the Site


Traffic To Deeper Pages Generating Regular Leads

The Change

Wonderful have helped be the lead steer of commercial marketing campaigns and supporting the existing technology frameworks that helped re-position ITL into a whole new direction to attract new customers.

Wonderful created multiple and ground breaking assets (infographics, social media and digital campaigns, interactive games connecting both traditional and digital targeted audiences (Laboratory managers, CEO’S)  Wonderful provided exceptional results to new ITL customers which had been unreachable before and with engaging content that had resonated through industry.

Below are three examples of Wonderful content that enabled ITL to feature in the leading global top publications for free! A FIRST for ITL!

  1. Take a look at our infographic featured in QMED, one of the biggest medical device publications in the US.
  1. Take a look at our infographic that featured in MDT Magazine
  1. Take a look at our bespoke interactive CEO game featured in MDT Magazine aimed at signing up CEO’s to the ITL sales process

Wonderful estimates that this PR would have cost in excess of £20,000 for the traditional placement of paid for adverts in these premium publications

ITL logo
Photo of a product engineer

“Having taken over from our previous agency this year, Wonderful have provided a service level above and beyond our expectations time and time again. They are a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend their digital services.”

Carl Lincoln, Business Development

Integrated Technologies Limited

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