Corporate Branding

Integrity’s unique blend of services is called “Brand Programming”. They provide support to their clients in developing, implementing and maintaining brands across every facet of their business, delivering consistent brand experiences for everybody.Integrity branding examples

Photo of an Integrity brochure

The Objective

Wonderful was asked not only to provide a brand strategy session and the resulting analysis, but also to overhaul the suite of presentation materials and the website, in particular the pitch deck, in order to offer a more accurate representation of the brand in sales situations.

Integrity brand concepts

Vibrant New Branding


Creative Web Visuals


Full Collateral Overhaul

The Change

The brand session pulled out some interesting elements that had previously been overlooked and our creative department took these on board and developed a vibrant, thought-provoking brand that has set Integrity apart and reflects a refreshed and more confident image. The rest of the collateral followed suit and the redesigned website is due for imminent launch.

Integrity logo
Foot on the ground with Integrity logo in background

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