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Creating a new website and re-orienting user focus towards parents and customers first for industry-leading children’s food producers Kiddylicious

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Kiddylicious was built on the firm belief that great taste is the key to developing a positive attitude to food in later life. No.2 in their category, Kiddylicious are a well established brand seeking to update and expand their digital presence.


The existing Kiddylicious website suffered due to poor navigation and structure, and gave greater prominence to a visual language aimed towards children, rather than at the parents that would be the brand’s initial customers.

Wonderful were engaged to produce a new website that would be able to fulfill both ecommerce needs, and provide problem-solving information for parents in an accessible and easy-to-find manner - as well as bringing the Kiddylicious brand to life.

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"UX and digital have harmoniously worked together to improve journeys and on-site conversions, driving traffic through joined-up digital campaigns"

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Wonderful proposed a brand revolution that would pivot Kiddlicious from almost exclusively focusing on its child consumers, to assisting parents by sharing competencies and content tailored to specific needs - all based on the brand’s expertise as nutrition providers.

A new website would be created to properly show off this new brand position, bringing everything to life by highlighting dynamic design and fresh video content focused on user journeys rather than products.

Through workshop and Wonderful UX processes, the new brand and web design was created to directly address the identified issues, whilst giving a clearer presentation of both products and competencies for users.

This design was image-led, creating clear user journeys tied to storytelling and tailored content that would enable customers to find products based on children’s needs.

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Kiddylicious expertise as providers of nutrition and development cycle information were exploited to create content around specific needs, developmental timeframes and carefully researched concerns and questions that parents might have - and avoiding over-focusing on products and sales that would take away from the brand’s position as an industry expert.

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By also revamping the website structure at a core level, categorisation and organisation of products were streamlined - making both front- and back-end use easier and allowing for the integration of internal customer service systems and product catalogues, thereby modernising Kiddylicious processes and giving users a consistent experience of buying products.

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