Digital transformation through custom technology platform development for the UK’s leading office interior design and fit-out company.

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Oktra are the UK’s leading office design company with dedicated teams across the country. They offer a range of workplace services from office design, office fit out, office refurbishment, workplace consultancy and small works, and are driven by the goal of creating outstanding workplaces. Their expertise also extends beyond traditional workplace fit out to designing and building both co-working spaces and landlord works.


Oktra approached Wonderful to help develop a mobile and web product that could be used by their sales teams as an internal lead qualification tool. 

Time and resources were being wasted on following up leads that were not ready nor the right fit for the business. Therefore, the business objective of the tool was to improve the quality of leads that the sales team followed up on in order to increase conversion rates and the number of right opportunities won. 



Wonderful approach the challenge by first building a Proof of Concept to see if an algorithm could be created that would score the quality of a lead and help the sales team know whether it should be pursued or not.

In order to create the algorithm Wonderful worked very closely with the sales team to look at the questions they ask their prospects and the vital information that should be present for a lead to be classified as warm. After multiple workshops and a test prototype to help get the weightings and scorings accurate the algorithm was ready to be implemented into the system.

With the algorithm ready Wonderful’s UX team mapped out the user experience of the application ensuring a seamless mobile first experience was prioritised. After a series of wire=-framed prototypes were produced Oktra’s sales team were able to input into the design at an early stage to help make the tool was as suited to their needs as possible for the proof of concept.

Following sign-off of the designs, Wonderful’s development team proceeded to build the proof of concept as a web application making use of a Laravel framework to handle the backend and Vue.js for the front end. The proof of concept was then hosted on a secure staging environment ready for client testing before full integration.

User accessibility testing was conducted to make sure the proof of concept achieved the business objectives it was set out to reach. The sales tool was trialed for a period of eight weeks with Oktra sales users to trial the proof of concept, to see what worked well and what needed to be improved for future versions. The initial result was very positive with multiple leads that should not be followed up by the system being rejected as a result of the algorithm.



With the proof of concept a success, Wonderful are now working with the Oktra team to develop a full version of the tool that can be rolled out across the entire organisation and the Minimum Viable Product (Version 1.0). Wonderful are collecting insights on the data collected through the Proof of Concept and new feature requests from the sales team in order to scope out the full extent of the MVP.

“Being able to collaborate together on bespoke technology projects, enables us to develop new products to help solve specific business challenges. We are thrilled with the proof of concept, and are looking forward to rolling out the full MVP”

Tim Howe, Account Manager - Technology

Oktra: https://www.oktra.co.uk
Photography from: Oliver Pohlmann

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