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Brand transformation and expert digital presence for specialist technology consultants in Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Data Engineering and Cloud Native.

Open Credo Web Design and Development


Specialist technology consultants in Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Data Engineering and Cloud Native, OpenCredo work with the latest emerging technologies to help solve complex business problems. 


OpenCredo were looking to strengthen their brand with an enhanced digital presence showcasing their industry-leading expertise in Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Data Engineering and Cloud Native consulting.

Wonderful were engaged to partner on their brand development, positioning and storytelling with a major output being the delivery of a new website that communicated this fresh look and feel.

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To kick the project off, OpenCredo’s senior team were taken through Wonderful’s interactive branding process. Workshops and staff engagement sessions enabled our creative team to embed themselves within the client’s business. Understanding a brand’s history, business operations and future goals and objectives are all crucial to being able tell the right story and to do so in a way that stands out from the competition.

Following these workshops, Wonderful’s team collated the findings and then produced a detailed brand report outlining current positioning and the future desired positioning, along with an action plan to move the business forward. This action plan involved working with our brand experts on redeveloping tone of voice, messaging and copywriting, and visual style (logo, colours, fonts & supporting assets), with the outcome being an updated set of brand guidelines.

With a new brand position and redefined visual style, the next task was to reimagine the website and bring the brand’s new digital presence to life.

This involved taking the brand guidelines and using it to ideate three unique creative directions for the website. Each option had its own style, personality and direction within the brand’s new position. Following feedback sessions with the client a unified decision was made and a creative direction selected. Next step UX & UI of the rest of the website.

UX design is critical to matching exciting creative with user decision making. If customers cannot access key information quickly and simply then regardless of the look of the site it has failed. Through our UX and UI design process, designers and developers work closely to produce an interactive prototype that is a combination of well thought through user journeys and exciting visual experience. The result, a happy client and a great looking new website (even if we do say so ourselves).

Following the signed-off designs, our development team took the reins and brought the experience into reality. The website was custom built within WordPress’ open source framework, enabling us to create a unique visual identity, whilst allowing retention of full control by the client to update and make changes post-launch. After rigorous testing, SEO migration plans, custom analytics and tracking setup and CRM integration the site was ready to be released into the world.

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“After rigorous testing, SEO migration plans, custom analytics and tracking setup, and CRM integration the site was ready to be released into the world.”


SEO migration plans
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Open Credo Branding Design and Development


The strategic objective for the project was to create a clear tone and personality for the brand that balances the technical expertise that the business has with the strong culture of empowerment and learning. The project worked as a real partnership between client and agency, as we uncovered the values and the personality of the business and successfully described it back to them with a new brand identity.

The result has been a brand and online presence that gives the OpenCredo team a platform from which to share their expertise, a visual articulation that sets the right tone and the client is really happy with. The partnership with OpenCredo continues as Wonderful help to roll out the new brand, creating stand-out for the business and allowing them to continue to position themselves as industry-leading technology expert. Learn more about OpenCredo at

“Working alongside a business like OpenCredo, that value the expertise and quality of what they do is a pleasure. The story that came out of our strategy sessions formed a clear vision for us to build their identity around. We’re proud of the results, a brand that has real substance and authority.”

Dan Maudhub, Managing Director, Wonderful


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