Top Tourist

Corporate Branding, Website Design

Following successful entrepreneurial careers in other industries, the founders of Top Tourist approached Wonderful having already been through a series of initial meetings with other agencies but were yet to find a partner for their new tourism project. Essentially they were struggling to find someone that really understood what they were trying to achieve and having never run an Internet business before they would need walking through the process.


The Objective

To create a socially engaging, commercial, go-to website for travel writers and bloggers, but also for those tourists wanting to find out more about the hidden gems in countries that would otherwise go unknown.

The Change

Following appointment and armed with just the name – Top Tourist, Wonderful set about strategising three completely different executions of the online travel business, each with the right balance between credible and commercial.

Once the final concept had been settled upon by both parties, Wonderful planned, designed and built an interactive website that with the right budget for promotion could rival some of the most well-known online travel websites, thanks to intricate tech-led search functionality and visitor interactivity.


Social Engagement

Opportunities to share, comment and contribute to the micro-community of travel bloggers


Custom Blog Experience

Choose a location and activity and read your own custom travel blog


Enhanced User Journeys

Strategic wireframing and user-testing to keep readers on the site for longer

“The real power of this website lies in the custom coding and development hidden in the back end. We have been able to create a unique user experience through dynamic elements populating suggested content based on destinations and activities previously viewed. “

Chris Higgins, Head Of Digital

Wonderful Creative Agency

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