Wonderful developed a Gen-Z customer acquisition platform for leading North America specialist travel company, Trek America.



Trek America are a leading youth travel brand, with over 40 years’ experience specialising in showing groups of travellers the “real Americas”, coordinating all trip types, from coast-to -coast road-trips in North America; to small group adventure holidays in South America.

As a youth travel brand, they approached Wonderful to create a campaign which would engage their Gen-Z audience, whilst building an opted-in database of relevant customers (16 – 21 yrs) & increasing brand exposure and awareness with a new audience. 



Wonderful crafted a truly digital-native solution, with the lead campaign concept developed using the hashtag #StopHavingBoringHolidays, driving users to use an interactive mobile-first microsite quiz mechanism built to generate users’ “perfect travel holiday”.

The platform was leveraged to recruit YouTube influencers promoting previous treks by the brand; with a digital campaign utilising Facebook video content and paid social ads to drive engagement and new entrants. Organic reach and virality was encouraged through the ability to share results across all key social media platforms with friends and fellow travellers.



The campaign ran for a short 4 week period and generated a huge amount of organic traction in a very short space of time, with headline figures including:

  • 1,245,678 Total Organic Reach
  • 18,050 Engaged Users
  • 204,003 Video Views
  • 10% Conversion Rate in terms of submission of user data for marketing purposes.

The campaign not only informed Gen Z behavior and reaction to the Trek America brand, it also provided fresh valuable data for a follow up campaign to launch a new holiday package.