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The documentation we prepare is only part of how we plan for a project here at Wonderful – and this next bit is the fun part.

When we take on a project, we always set out to challenge the brief so that we produce work that doesn’t just meet, but exceed expectation. This is analogous to how a fine artist might work; consider that an artist is commissioned to paint a portrait. A good artist will sit with their subject and observe it carefully – any former art students among you will have been through life drawing sessions where you are told to look more than you draw. If we do not look, observe and ask questions, we can not fully understand our subject. The artist, once familiar with their subject, will work to not only reproduce it, but to elevate it. With a Wonderful project you can expect the same level of artistry.

We start any project with a team briefing session, where every single one of us, from all disciplines, get the background on what the project should deliver. We then sit and pick apart the brief, dissect any existing branding, designs or websites, and collectively determine how to elevate them through the project work.

This is a really fun part of the process, namely because it involves lots of post-it notes, lots of coffee and chat, and sometimes there’s even cake.


With all of this information, we can deliver well informed, thoroughly investigated and appropriately challenged projects. As a Project Manager this is hugely reassuring, because I know that the team I will be working with completely understand what they need to do, before they get going with delivering their assigned tasks. It’s the PM dream.



With a background in delivering large scale software builds and web projects to global SME’s including BMW, General Motors, Johnson & Johnson and The Royal Household; Vix joined the Wonderful team in March 2016 as Senior Project Manager.

As well as qualifications in PRINCE-2 and ITIL, she has extensively studied Agile and Lean methodologies, and received training in leadership, communication and even conflict resolution. She’s currently studying Six Sigma, and also holds a degree in Fine Art Sculpture, relishing the fact she now gets to apply her skillset within a creative environment.

Outside of work, she can typically be found in the pub raving about her job to the annoyance of her friends; indulging her fascination with zombies through movies and gaming, or dyeing her hair a different colour every week to confuse her co-workers.

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