A brand new website design, UI/UX, digital visual identity enhancement and full web development for the leading provider of secure in-store and online payment solutions, 123Send.


123Send is the leading provider of Secure Payment Solutions. For over 20 years, they’ve delivered merchant payment solutions from Fixed In-store Terminals to Mobile & Online Payments. They have worked with tens of thousands of small independent businesses across the UK, as well as providing card payment solutions for major UK events such as Wimbledon, The London Marathon, Sports Relief and many more.


The payment solutions industry has changed dramatically in recent years due to the introduction of contactless payments and continued online growth.  As a result of this, multiple disruptor companies have entered the market and caused a need for the industry leaders to modernise so they don’t fall behind!

123Send worked at diversifying their products and services but also required a new website that would meet the high standards being presented by the newcomers and show customers that 123Send was a company for the future. The challenge here was ensuring that an industry leader with strong foundations in all areas of payment solutions could meet the needs of a new customer base whilst not alienating their more traditional, loyal customers.

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Through close collaboration with the 123Send team, the site structure was completely re-engineered through a conversion-focused journey. Taking core elements of the 123Send brand, the Wonderful design team produced a sleek and contemporary site that elevated the site to the 21st Century, whilst clearly highlighting 123Send’s longstanding, industry-leading position which they’ve earned over the past 20 years.  

Being a project that was undertaken shortly after the merger of Openwater and Wonderful, the site was given the added benefit of being directly influenced by the design skills of OpenWaters’ Philip Hansen and Dominika Stancyzk, working alongside the technical UI/UX and build experience within the development team at Wonderful. Through this collaborative thinking and well-executed process, 123Send would be positioned as the ‘payment solutions service provider of choice’ for many years to come. 

In an increasingly competitive space, 123Send’s new site had to show a more modern, engaging style & indentity, whilst maintaining the brand’s existing credibility & ensuring 123Send was continued to be perceived as trustworthy and secure. Our team worked hard to extrapolate on existing brand guidelines and developed an evolution for the digital space which ran through the entire design.

The navigation was absolutely paramount to this project, highlighting the three key motivations for looking into these payment solutions, for customers who: 

  • Want to start taking card payments;
  • Want to hire/lease on a short-term basis;
  • Or need to switch providers. 

Our team developed a conversion rate optimised (CRO) navigation / UX design which would ensure information on these motivators / key needs were easily reachable (in as few clicks/taps as possible) at all times. If landing on the home page, whether on desktop or mobile, these three key areas were clearly visible in the opening graphics above the fold, whilst upon scroll, a sticky top-nav was designed to ensure they were always in eye-line, even when browsing for more information further down the page. 

Utilising their existing colour palette for strong CTAs throughout ensured optimal user journeys no matter where the potential customer was in their sales journey (funnel); and with on-site search and Live Chat functionality, no stone was left unturned in ensuring potential customers could have access to all the information they need to make an educated decision on their next payment provider. 


“After rigorous mobile and desktop testing, SEO migration plans and heatmapping/tracking set up, the new 123Send website was ready to be released into the world.”

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Through close collaboration between client and agency the website the digital facing brand is now visualised in a far more modern and professional manner. A clearly structured site which gently nudges users to the carefully engineered customer journeys has resulted in higher conversions and streamlined sales funnels.

Whilst it’s often overlooked these days, with statistics and ROI being at the forefront of everyone’s mind, the importance of high quality design should not be forgotten. Wonderful’s phased project approach ensures that the UI is kept as a key consideration through all strategic decisions, and our team’s collaborative and creative approach to the visual identity of the brand in the digital space ensured maximum impact on delivery. 

“Having worked for many years with their acquired company, Open Water, we reached out to the team at Wonderful to pitch when it came to re-designing the 123Send website. Working with Wonderful enabled us to partner our need for technical advancement of our website with a digital brand refresh to ensure that we continued to be positioned as industry-leaders in payment solutions. It was vital to approach the project collaboratively and their team quickly understood our brand and requirements, enabling them to efficiently design, build and enhance our digital presence. Throughout the project, the team were always on hand to answer any questions or concerns. The final design output was head and shoulders above our existing site, and Wonderful delivered on time and on budget. We have received hugely positive feedback on the end result from customers and industry peers and have seen an improvement in our online customer acquisition as a result.”

Group Marketing Manager, 123Send


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