Yep. There we go. We said it. The C Word.


Between 30 and 50% of retail transactions are processed between November and January, and most industries experience a spike in trade – so, what are you going to do to maximise the rush for your business during the busiest period of the year?

You might think we’re mad for dropping the C Word in September, however the holiday season is ideal for brands to ramp up their marketing activities as people are most willing to spend money and are looking for a compelling reason to do so.

So, how do you create a campaign that is right for your business and that will cut through the noise and make a difference amongst the festivities?

Start planning your campaign as early in the year as possible. This will not only get you prepared as a business, but will also maximise the level of reach it has with customers and potential buyers in the future. Rumour has it, popular retailer (and unofficial crown-wearers of “the best Christmas advert” year after year) John Lewis, begins planning for their next year as soon as the holiday is over!

It is also a good idea to think about your Christmas campaigns as early as possible so that you can build up anticipation. “Christmas Hype” is unavoidable, and seems to escalate year after year; whilst consumers are also becoming more mindful of budgeting, often choosing to spread their spending across a few months prior to the big day, rather than leaving it all to ‘that last paycheck’. Many businesses now build on the momentum from the last pre-christmas event, Halloween, to kick start their festive campaigns. Your customers will already be thinking about what to buy loved ones, and will be planning on where they will be making a purchase this winter, so be prepared and build up what you are going to announce, and what will differentiate you from the rest of the market.

This leads us on to our next point. Take advantage of urgency. No matter how confident your customer is that they’re “organised for Christmas this year”, they’re not. There is always something you will need to dash out and get urgently (in fact, 19% of shopping was done on Christmas Eve in 2016), and there is always the fact that the festive season will inevitably be over soon. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fantastic examples of taking this urgency, and packaging it (Black Friday 2016 generated £1.23bn in retail sales alone!). If you limit your campaigns, and promote a time limit on any offers, sales or products that will soon end, then your consumers will inspire buyer decisions.

Lastly, make sure that you stay true to your brand. Encourage a sense of celebration, and appeal to festive feelings, but stay on brand. Whether you’re updating your PPC campaigns to include seasonal keywords; creating an online gift guide; or just updating your site to be more festive, be sure to capitalise on the seasonal sentiment as it will give a happy feeling to your audience and ultimately drive them to making more purchases.

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