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5 Reasons to bid on Brand Terms in your PPC campaigns

As a digital creative agency, we run a number of PPC accounts for our clients, with an array of budgets, goals and ambitions. We are often asked a very common question: Why are we bidding on our own brand terms? This usually goes hand-in-hand with us being chosen as...

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Fear Of Missing Out In Marketing

Everyone gets FOMO - the fear of missing out. It drives our purchasing habits, rivalries between competing brands, popularity of design and more. Fear of missing out in marketing takes many forms, from the rise and fall of particular trends in copywriting or seasonal...

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The Hidden Struggle Within The Phrase “Content is King”

“Content is king” is one of the most repeated phrases in the world of digital marketing, and also one of the most widely misunderstood. Used as an excuse to churn out poor quality, keyword-stuffed blog articles or micro-targeted 30-second videos, the “content is king”...

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Are these the Top 5 Christmas Adverts of 2019?

Ok, let's keep this one simple - it's that time of year when marketing departments and agencies can revel in the glory of the release of their pride and joy: their 2019 Christmas Advert. Thanks to the digital age, these ads have wider and more profound reach and...

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