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Should You Return To The Highstreet?

We’ve entered into a new normality, where high street shopping is having to adapt to radically different conditions, including the experiences and expectation of consumers.

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These 5 recent Google updates may impact your business

Ok, so we all know Google actions a range of updates on a regular basis, usually through fairly fundamental algorithm changes (cutely named Panda, Penguin and the like). However, especially with the recent rapid acceleration of behavioural changes we have seen due...

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Why Is UX So Important?

One specific reason why new tech (and tech predictions) don’t always take off in quite the way marketers think it will – the fascinating world of UX! We explore why UX is truly so important and a game-changer if embraced from the very start.

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How Do You Reposition Your Brand for Future Growth

This year everything changed. Almost overnight we saw businesses go from optimism to survival, thriving to dormant and whole sectors put into stasis. There is no running away, no hiding from it, no insulation from its effect. The situation demands a response from every brand and business leader, with the open question to us all, what do you have to offer the world right now?

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