May 13, 2021

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Chris Higgins

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We Asked Our Wonderful Team For Their Top Tips On Mental Wellbeing

This week is Mental Health Awareness week. During a time when mental health and wellbeing has been so crucial to keep in check during lockdown period/s from 2020-2021, our client MIND have created great resources to help those needing crucial life-saving support. As part of joining the fight to raise awareness and help create lasting change when it comes to giving support to those in need, we created some space for our team to voice their opinions on mental heath. Here is some top tips they gave.

A Top tip that you would or should give yourself to look after your mental wellbeing

#01 Switch Off

Switch off completely. By that I mean – no phone, no distractions. Take 10 seconds to ignore any thoughts swirling around, instead focus on your breathing and bodily sensations. Check-in on yourself during the day, this is not just for end of the day!

#02 Take A Walk

Go for a walk without purpose once a day.  Not going anywhere, not for anything. Just walk.

#03 Ask For Help

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions for mental health – what works for one person may not work for you. It’s common to feel unsure, and to wonder whether you should try to handle things on your own. But! It’s always ok to ask for help – even if you’re not sure you are experiencing a specific mental health problem – and it can help to talk to someone you trust about how you are feeling.

#04 Guilt-free Rest

I have to remind myself that rest is good, and I don’t need to feel guilty for taking a break or even holiday knowing that there are other people still working, that I’m somehow “letting my team down” for not “keeping on carrying on.” I can be free to rest, and rest well.

#05 Your Mind Is A Resource

Acknowledging that you need to manage and lead your mental health, like any other finite resource.

#06 Buy the rollerblades, dress up as a dinosaur

Have a creative outlet, have an active outlet, soak in some natural light, breathe in some fresh air, leave the screen, take some steps, eat the food, turn your music on, turn your music up, drop and gimme 20, check in with your friends, share and care.

#07 Be Mindful Of Your Thought Patterns And Processes

If an unwelcome thought comes to mind treat it like an uninvited guest – greet it politely and send it on its way

#08 Don’t Worry About Things You Can’t Change

Try not to worry too much about the things you can’t change. Each worry acts like an anchor pulling you down making it difficult to see the positive things in life. Letting go of some of these worries and talking to others will bring you back up to the surface, where things are much more clear.

#09 I Am Not A Robot… I am not a robot!

#10 Dance, Baby DANCE!

Dance more! Play a banger and dance yourself silly!

Useful resources by MIND, for mental health support check them out!