March 28, 2018

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Chris Higgins

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How We Modernised a Traditional Brand Online

As one of the leading plumbing and drainage and companies in London and the South East, TW Drainage had a fantastic reputation for delivering quality work. What they were missing was a tech and digital solution that matched their stellar reputation.

They came to Wonderful looking for a business solution that elevated their brand, website and reinforced their expertise and big name clients to their potential customers.

After understanding their business goals and existing digital and marketing mix, Wonderful were able to provide a solution that ticked all of the boxes and set the business up for long term success online.

A key focus point for the business was about elevating and strengthening their brand online. Their current website was dated and didn’t convey the professionalism and size of TW Drainage to their targeted regions.

We worked with TW Drainage to develop a tech solution – wireframing, designing and building a lightning-fast website that worked across devices. Services were also rearranged from the past website to make them more logically organised and more easily discoverable by the user.

As part of building a revamped and engaging website for users, we arranged a photo and video shoot with the TW Drainage team, creating a whole new series of brand assets for use on the website.

As sponsors of Millwall FC, TW Drainage had part of their photoshoot in front of the club’s stadium. The videos produced from the video shoot were used as part of a professional homepage video to engage users and convey the work carried out by the business.

As well as building a user-friendly, fast website for users, the website was also built to be user-friendly for the client themselves. All sections of the website were fully customisable and able to be easily populated with dynamic content as and when needed. With an intuitive CMS, we ensured the TW Drainage team were able to have immediate, full and flexible control over their website.

Technical SEO and metadata optimisation helped ensure the website was healthy upon launch and the brand was conveyed attractively in search in line with SEO best practices. With Google Analytics integration and goal tracking via Google Tag Manager, TW Drainage were able to gather insight about their digital performance and user behaviour like never before.

As part of the offline launch of the website, Wonderful additionally produced brochure and billboard advertising for TW Drainage to help spread awareness in key regions and channels for the business.

Throughout the whole process, Wonderful worked closely with TW Drainage to produce not just a website, but a solution to a business problem. The solution encompassed design, web build, SEO, offline advertising and refreshed brand assets – allowing TW Drainage to reach their business goals across brand, tech and marketing.