November 9, 2022

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Sam Webster

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What does it take to be UX Agency of the Year?

Wonderful is extremely proud to have won the UX Agency of the Year Award at the UK Agency Awards 2022. Look how happy we are 👉

This accolade is testament to the hard work put in by the whole team at Wonderful to deliver outstanding projects. But this success is no accident, our approach has been developed over many years of working with brands to create engaging customer experiences with customer first strategies. So let me lift the lid on Wonderful’s processes, and how we make UX practices central to everything we do to turn vision into digital reality. Here are some of the secrets to our success.


A big key to the success of any project we do is clarity. It’s one of our core values because we know success is reliant on understanding the problem, visibility of the process and clearly defining the goals for the transformation. Our UX process has been developed to create clear steps and phases of work that help brands on their digital transformation journey. Each phase has a clear set of steps, clear outcomes and engages key stakeholders in the conclusions that are drawn before the next phase. Our commitment to centralised communications and cloud platforms ensure that the vital details are  visible to all, providing clarity of vision, progress and conclusions. When digital realities are built on clarity they align with the brand vision and deliver real, tangible results.

No Dabbling in Data

Data is a powerful tool in bringing clarity to understand user needs and to create solutions that work for real people in the real world. Our team has decades of experience between them, delivering world class UX insights and digital experiences. Combine that with clear data insights and you have a winning solution. We don’t just dabble with data, we have placed data and insight at the centre of our UX process through our own proprietary data tool OmniBI. This enables us to work with data in two ways, firstly to provide proactive insight from existing performance to drive strategy, and secondly to review the results of what we have created to enable continual improvement and optimisation. Even our data tool has been designed to create a great user experience, placing the power of this invaluable insight into the hands of the people that need it most. This use of data in the UX process results in clarity of strategy, more efficient use of resources and better user experiences.

Giving Brands a Digital Future

The hallmark of a successful digital experience is being people-first no matter what the channel platform or technology. Our UX process and experience helps to bridge the gap between people and your brand, combining strategy, creativity and technology to bring life to your digital touch points. With so much of our customer interactions now delivered through digital, it has never been more important to make these interactions count. If you want to get the most from these interactions, get more value from your digital and create experiences that people love, then UX is essential to making this work. (Speaking to Wonderful, UX Agency of the Year, is a good place to start 😉)

Results that Speak for Themselves

Ultimately it is the outcomes of our approach that evidence our ability to help brands deliver great digital experiences, and great experiences deliver great results. We have proven our process with many UX and digital transformation clients across sectors including financial services, property, logistics, FMCG, government, healthcare and charity. Recent successful examples have been  a healthcare consultancy and a global charity.

Creation’s ambition was to become THE HUB of trending information for pharmaceutical, healthcare, government and non government organisations, and professionals. But with a vast amount of content and little insight to what was working, their marketing and sales teams were uninformed, and worst of all, their customers were left unengaged.

Wonderful’s UX team saw an opportunity to design and build a new website that would present relevant content to each user at pivotal moments in their navigation, personalised journeys to capitalise on the content hub. This gives the ability to engage the user, generate and nurture new leads and increase conversions – as well as bring a new lease of life to the brand. CREATION’s sales and marketing teams can now feel more confident in sharing links to articles and whitepapers knowing users will be able to continue their journeys down more relevant paths.

  • +65% Average session duration
  • -10% Bounce rate down
  • +13% Number of sessions per user
  • +7.75% Conversion rates

Significantly reduced unsubscribe rate across their email marketing

Similarly, global charity Ellel were at a time of pivotal change, struggling to manage confusing user journeys across thousands of pages and create a compelling digital experience. After 50 years of global impact they wanted to widen their reach, engage a younger audience, while providing an immersive spiritual journey that was accessible virtually and through their physical events. We worked with  their leadership team to clarify the opportunity to create connected, lifetime digital journeys that help to improve engagement and amplify their impact.

With 180,000 users spanning 23 countries, combining event registrations, course bookings, subscriptions, donations and an online shop. This was a digital transformation that connected fragmented operational and customer facing systems into one unified platform, while engaging a wider audience, and centralising a global organisation around clear user journeys and one central management system.

The results were immediate and continue to compound their effect as more people use their new digital ecosystem. Ellel have seen a significant rise in online donations, shop sales, course bookings, and account sign ups, with plenty of anecdotal evidence to back it up

  • PAGE VIEWS DOUBLED From 212k to 432k
  • BOUNCE RATE HALVED From 88% to 42%
  • PAGES PER VISIT UP From 1.3 to 3.4
  • NO. OF ONLINE DONATIONS UP From 74 to 908