April 17, 2019

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Chris Higgins

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Generating Significant Growth for an SME: How We Did It


TW Drainage is the leading commercial and consumer drainage & plumbing solutions provider for London and the South East. A long-established family business now in their tenth year, their attention to detail and customer centricity is the basis of their success. The business had been built through excellent referral and word-of-mouth reputation, with a recognisable offline brand presence through their vehicle fleet, OOH and traditional channels.


As market leaders in their field, TW Drainage have a huge following all over London and the South East, but their online presence was minimal. Most new business came from word-of-mouth, but to grow the business they needed to reach out to new audiences and discover new customers in these locations. To reprioritise their marketing activity to a digital audience, TW drainage appointed Wonderful to redesign their website, and develop their online marketing in order to build relationships with existing and potential customers.


Through a series of workshops and meetings, Wonderful developed a clear understanding of the business, what they wanted to achieve through a new site, and how it would make an impact on their future helping the business to grow.


Wonderful began to educate TW Drainage regarding their digital presence, and mapped out a competitor strategy to examine best practice within their sector. After meeting with the board at TW Drainage, Wonderful developed a clear strategy for what was needed and what was required to achieve success.

Wonderful implemented Google AdWords using highly targeted keywords based on their industry. With focus on “plumbing, groundwork, drainage” in very specific geolocations in London and the South East.

With a new website in place, Wonderful helped the client move towards full digital transformation with a user focused website, with clear messaging and CTA’s, enabling more conversions as the focus for a new digital marketing and sales strategy. Wonderful’s strategy focused on optimising paid media activity using Google AdWords, then tracking traffic and leads to the site, proving the benefits and effect of the strategy for their business through our digital dashboards.


The Wonderful service is built around helping brands and businesses grow through brand and digital transformation, working with TW Drainage has shown the clear results and growth that can be achieved from this strategy.

Through our digital dashboards, we were able to determine how much of an impact Wonderful made to the number of leads delivered to the TW Drainage website, but also the amount of calls that were generated through Google advertising.

In just 3 months, TW Drainage appears higher in rankings for all relevant search terms; and through improved UX design and a clearer user journey on the site, it connects people with a need, to a service that will solve it. We’ve reduced the gap between the problem and a solution, and seen phone call conversions increase 286%.

Their new digital strategy has resulted in their conversion rate increasing by a massive 740%, and conversions from organic search also increasing due to our technical on-site SEO activity. Having a greater online presence has also seen more business to business leads, as well as business to customer relationships, ultimately pushing for a broader range of clients for the future.

Wonderful has also worked hard to drive the average cost per click down due to the quality of the traffic; better targeting has resulted in TW Drainage gaining more conversions with the same amount of impressions. Working with Wonderful, TW Drainage have transformed into a digital focused business, positioning themselves for high, long term growth and giving them an edge within a competitive industry sector.

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