June 21, 2023

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Sam Webster

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Conversion Rate Optimisation That Creates Change

Your customers are looking for an experience, something that goes beyond a transaction and forms a focal point for their relationship with the brand and its digital spaces. From the first seconds of their time on a website, the delivery of information, provision of goals, and effective utilisation of time and attention to elicit a greater-than-ordinary response makes the difference between success and failure. Through the understanding of real customer needs, their goals and what motivates them we can create journeys that lead to wonder.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the foundation of these journeys, utilising a combination of data and creativity to establish the fundamentals of a digital experience – looking at how users interact with your digital platforms and developing an understanding of how to make those interactions better, thereby also meeting brand goals for a digital space. 

Human-First Analytics

To make the most of the opportunity to develop new and better experiences for users requires a two-pronged approach; the melding of the qualitative and quantitative, a human-first view of digital interaction that applies a people-focused methodology to cold data and analytics. This approach allows us to establish three key elements to user behaviour that can then be optimised:

  1. Specific drivers, the things that bring people to your website, which can include information searches, purchasing intentions, awareness as the result of advertising and more. 
  2. Barriers that encourage users to leave, including poorly placed or formatted information, complex purchasing processes, and even the placement and design of action points such as buttons or forms. 
  3. Hooks, or elements that persuade users to convert, which can include everything from the design of the platform to its written content and accessibility or ease of use. 

Quantitative data is fundamental to understanding each of these elements, allowing brands to develop a picture of current user behaviours and where to look for improvements; a focused optimisation effort that recognises genuine limitations in technical, digital spaces. By filtering analytics data through qualitative insights on the ‘why’ of user interactions, brands are able to optimise for their ideal user (that is, the user it’s most important to have as a customer) based on real-world data and understanding. 

User experiences that create wonder are defined and led by meaningful strategies that impact on the whole journey, ensuring the right customer experience is ultimately delivered to the right audiences with the greatest effect. Understanding your users and their needs, developing informed, accessible goals, and insightful testing are all essential to exploring new growth strategies and ensuring that every change you make creates wonder for your users.  

Our approach means consistent testing of ideas and communication in the direction of a project, avoiding wildly different iterations or a failure to align interpretation with expectation.  Our creative process combines our values and working philosophies with the practical application of experience, and a dedication to cooperation and creating a brand with real presence that can communicate with audiences – providing a distinctive, focused solution that avoids ‘playing catch-up’ by exploring past conventional best practice to create something that is both new and effective. 

It takes many small things to get a big result, ongoing, not a one off.


Sam Webster, Senior Digital Marketing Executive at Wonderful Creative Agency