OmniBI - Data Analytics

OmniBI – Data Analytics

All of your data in one place.

We value transparency and partnership when it comes to our clients’ digital activity, and pride ourselves on making things wonderfully simple. Logging in to Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter, your CRM platform, your Phone Call Tracking system, LinkedIn, MailChimp… this all takes time, and requires you to do a lot of the hard work when it comes to measuring performance.

This is why we developed OmniBI, to beautifully aggregate, analyse and present data in a meaningful and valuable way – all in one dashboard.

Track and measure against KPIs and targets.

Decision making without data is just guess work; and data without context is just numbers. Particularly when looking at your digital marketing strategy. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together is made even more complex when you are running campaigns across a multitude of digital channels with many different goals & objectives in mind.

OmniBI allows you to set targets and flag KPIs to ensure you’re on-track to deliver against your business objectives.

Insights and recommendations

OmniBI is powered by the Wonderful digtial team, a team of marketing experts, not only enabling you to collate and present this multi-source data in a beautiful and meaningful way, but empowering you to deliver business growth through regular reporting and actionable specialist insight.

Gone are the days of the dull and incomprehensible monthly PDF report. Dialogue within OmniBI enables continual innovation and optimisation of your brand’s digital performance.

Making data simple to use, for everyone in your team.

From Marketing Executives looking to demonstrate the engagement from their latest social media campaign, to CMOs looking to demonstrate ROI across all marketing channels, the reliance on data to measure performance has never been more important.

Cutting through the noise and consolidating the data which matters to you is made simple with OmniBI.

OmniBI – Data Analytics

OmniBl has saved me and my team a lot of time when it comes to reporting. The visual elements really help when it comes to explaining website performance with stakeholders. Omni takes some of the key elements and measurable metrics from Google Analytics and other channels, and compiles them into an easy to navigate platform, making it simple for us to keep up to date with our digital marketing performance.

Rob Gibbs, Marketing Manager

The Retail Mutual

We've been particularly impressed by the ability to create specific tailored charts which track and measure performance across our business' core product areas, which has given us real transparency and demonstrated where we need to be focussing our efforts digitally. We can now spot trends and make changes to our activity quicker and more efficiently, and the added insight from the OmniBl Team, coupled with the ability to add bespoke new charts and views really allows us to drill into what matters and make better strategic decisions.

Peter Fennell, Head of Marketing

Cantium Business Solutions