Black Friday media campaign for Europe’s fastest growing B2B marketplace


Black Friday is a key time of year for Ankorstore to raise awareness with independent retailers, and Ankorstore had little brand awareness in the UK market, especially around key locations like London.

Innovative and Cost-Effective Campaign

The brand had limited budgets compared with some of the more established marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, so approached Wonderful to deliver an innovative and cost effective campaign to reach both retailers and consumers in key London areas. 

Maximising Visibility and Budget

Wonderful were tasked to maximise visibility and budget in highly targeted locations, so we developed a media plan with highly innovative use of media formats & placements. The 2-week campaign involved a highly targeted, geolocation & multi format media campaign, with consistent brand messaging catering to both a retail and consumer audience. 

  • 01

    Over 25M campaign impressions

  • 02

    Over 13M digital impressions

  • 03

    70% of all impressions in 4 key locations

  • 04

    Campaign delivered for less than 50% of rate card

outdoor advertisement
advertisement on escalator screens
advertisement and a train