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Temi Adedeji is one of two new faces at Wonderful (alongside Daniel), and joined the agency as interns via the government's Kickstart scheme. Temi has made some excellent contributions as part of our Digital & Content team already - he's already produced fantastic video content for clients, as well as managing the production of The Wonderful People Podcast and we're looking forward to him growing into the role. In this article, Temi recounts his initial journey working at Wonderful, his experiences working as an intern and some of the cultural aspects. 

Temi shares his time with us so far

Coming off the back of a very wacky and weird summer, life led down an avenue where I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the world of digital marketing, with no real prior experience. 

To my good fortune my new occupation for the next six months would be at one of the UK’s stellar digital transformation companies. The Wonderful Creative Agency located in Maidstone. 

In this article I will discuss what I observed and learnt along the way.


Design Is No Cakewalk

There’s something fascinating about witnessing a project birthed and brought to completion, it makes you appreciate the people who put in the hours to ensure a website is optimised and inviting.

From initial meetings, to the web developers who turned seemingly senseless letters and numbers into pages, to the UX designers who visually brought these pages to life and so many more. I learnt the importance of task delegation and personal responsibility.  Big wins are almost always the result of a bunch of small wins. 

I Learnt A Lot About The Internet

Prior to my time at the agency, I would take a rather passive approach to the web. To me, it was merely a tool which I took for granted. This was until I was introduced to the mechanics of the internet, which encouraged me to understand its history and how it relates to everything I engage with. 

The internet is fascinating! "Crawlers, SERPs, redirects...", new jargon hit me from every direction which was overwhelming at first admittedly. However, over time I got accustomed to it and whilst my education continued, my mind expanded.

The internet is a valuable tool which leads me to my next point.

Social Space

Marketing Is Paramount To A Business’s Success

As mentioned before, the internet is a valuable tool. Businesses need to utilise it in the modern age if they are to be competitive and successful. There’s no use in having a fantastic product or service if it's not marketed correctly.

The web is the main platform in which businesses can display themselves, especially in a post coronavirus world where digital communication has been prioritised. 


If there’s a valuable life lesson I’ve learnt throughout this experience it would be this. Optimisation. Live to your best of your ability, live an optimised life, full of experiences and valuable relationships.



Temi Adedeji
Temi came to wonderful relatively new to the digital marketing world, but with ample experience in content creation, having worked in mainstream press media and even producing music videos.

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