How do you find the right people, in the right place, at the right time?

Using our proprietary data and insight platform, OmniBI, you get the best from a SaaS-style tool and our team of digital experts to create a bespoke Digital Marketing plan that will cut the complexity from engaging your users, driving more leads & converting more traffic. What’s more, we show you what we’ve done and how we’ve done it, debunking the smoke & mirrors perceptions of traditional digital agencies. 
All powered by data-driven thinking.

Data-Driven Digital Marketing Solutions

Creating a multi-channel digital marketing strategy that will become the blueprint for future business success.



Search Engine Optimisation facilitates improved visibility in search engine rankings by optimising your website & digital content for your target customers, ensuring you are found at the right time in their journey.

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Creating Pay-Per Click (PPC) campaigns, which find new customers, raise brand awareness, drive new business & deliver ROI against your business objectives.

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Social Media@4x

Social Media

Grow your social media networks with engaging content to gain you followers, get more likes and generate engagement to influence your audience.

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E-mail & Automation

Send tailored and hyper-targeted emails to your customers with the right message, at the right time in their customer journey.



Content is King, but using data and personas to decide the right content to deliver to your audience is absolutely paramount to maximise efficiency and deliver ROI.


Data & Insight

Our game-changing data & insight tool, OmniBI, takes your complex digital marketing data and makes it Wonderfully Simple, maximising effectiveness across all channels.

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Shaking-up the old Digital Agency model with OmniBI

OmniBI was conceived out of a challenge most agencies face - the ability to collate multi-channel data and report to clients in a timely fashion. However, OmniBI does so much more than that and has evolved into the bedrock of digital strategy for our clients, allowing us to understand digital performance in real-time, enabling us to do more of what works and less of what doesn't. Simple. Our Data-Driven Marketing Retainers include:

  • Access to OmniBI
  • Integration with all your digital channels
  • Real-time reporting & analytics
  • Insight delivered by our expert team
  • Flexible digital retainers mean adaptable strategies and outcomes delivered through SEO, Paid Media (PPC), Social Media, Email, Content Production and other digital activity with all decisions powered by data.
CEO Dan Maudhub meeting with digital leaders

OmniBI insight that drives Performance

Delivering transparency and insight like never before, Wonderful’s proprietary business intelligence data tool, OmniBI, takes your complex digital data and makes it Wonderfully Simple.

OmniBI changes the game, enabling you to have full transparency & visibility of the impact of your campaigns, measuring against KPIs & targets. Added insight and recommendations from the OmniBI team empower you to make data-driven decisions which enable you to do more of what works, and less of what doesn't.

Digital Marketing Retainers powered by OmniBI

With OmniBI at the heart of our digital marketing solutions, monthly marketing activities are made Wonderfully simple (and powerful). From SEO and Email Marketing, to full CRM and Pipeline management, a Wonderful retainer gives you everything you need to succeed, with full transparency on performance.

Starter Plan
£ 950 /Month
Full Access to OmniBI (up to 10 users):
  • Onboarding & KPI planning meeting
  • Up to 20 custom charts created
  • Monthly reporting meeting with recommendations for optimisation and improvement
  • Ability to request marketing and website support through your custom ticketing system
Growth Plan
£ 1,950 /Month
Everything included in the starter plan PLUS:
  • Up to 12 hours flexible digital marketing support across Strategy/Consultany, SEO, PPC, Content, Social Media, Email, CRM and more...
  • Weekly call with your dedicated account manager
Growth+ Plan
£ 3,950 /Month
Everything in the Growth Plan PLUS:
  • Up to 30 hours flexible digital marketing support across Strategy/Consultany, SEO, PPC, Content, Social Media, Email, CRM and more...
  • Access to private Slack group for questions and digital marketing advice
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*All packages require a HubSpot subscription, price not included. 

RBLI (Royal British Legion Industries)

Wonderful were instrumental in the success of this campaign. We explained what we needed and they did the research, audience targeting and implemented the entire paid media campaign. They then monitored the campaign on a daily basis after it went live, ensuring that the performance was optimal. Wonderful did all of the hard work so that we didn’t have to. In my 30 years of marketing, this was the single most successful campaign I have ever been involved in.

Karl Neal, Head of Marketing & Strategic Campaigns, RBLI

Slush Puppie

It has been a delight to work with Wonderful, they have been so inspirational as an agency, offering so much creative and digital advice/solutions for our heritage brand. We are in a year of significant growth and are so excited to finally get a website design we are thrilled about. Working with the agency has been seamless and I am delighted to continue to use them as our dedicated marketing partner.

Kathy McAllistair, Head of European Marketing, Slush Puppie


Wonderful handles our online and social media advertising account and are a joy to work with. They have generated some fantastic results for us and have developed a clear and measurable strategy for a range of our advertising channels. We work with them on a number of pan- European campaigns and they always provide good strategy and creative execution.

Ellen Ten Hove, Head of Online Marketing, PPHE

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