Quandoo advert on bus

The world’s fastest-growing restaurant reservation platform, Quandoo, saw our creative campaigns hit 11 cities, helping to drive B2C acquisition, and expand their B2B customer base.

Quandoo Case Study


Tech startup Quandoo, the world’s fastest growing restaurant booking platform, connects diners with the best restaurants around the world via a table reservation system that’s smart and always personalised.


With an ever increasing digital presence, Quandoo needed an ownable creative style that could be rolled out globally during the tech company’s biggest quarter.

Wonderful were approached to produce on an outdoor creative campaign that would raise brand exposure and drive more signups and bookings across 11 cities, 10 different countries and in 4 languages.

Quandoo ad on London Tube

“The Quandoo brand saw an uplift in global search volumes, increased app downloads and platform use and a significant onboarding of new restaurants allowing further expansion in 2019 and into 2020”

Quandoo Ad in Hong Kong


Through a series of interactive workshops with key stakeholders and our designers, Wonderful developed three hero campaign concepts that each pushed the brand in a new creative direction.

Each proposed concept had to include an ownable style which was unique to Quandoo; be engaging and clear to an audience not yet aware of the brand; and include shareable content to encourage conversations.

Initial feedback was really positive and after engagement with stakeholders and localised teams, the final concept was selected. A unique strategy was chosen based on the idea that booking is so quick and easy you can do it without interrupting what you’re doing. Fewer images of restaurants and more focus on daily life.

Prior to the global launch, and in order to ensure the best results possible, running a test campaign was integral. Destination: LONDON. We stress-tested creative across the London Underground in order to measure initial results and receive creative feedback. The results were fantastic, with a notable YOY increase in brand traffic within the localised area.

Wonderful took onboard the feedback, built upon the concept and were then ready to take the campaign global. We rolled out the ownable style across 10 countries in multiple formats such as Tram Wraps, Billboard Dominations, Digital Animations, Station Takeovers, Tubes, Buses and more.

Each localisation had the same iconic creative but with localised messaging and assets to ensure cut-through and engagement.

Quandoo Ad in Australia
Quandoo ad illustrations


Run during the busiest 6 months of the year for restaurant booking, the campaign was globally successful, and was translated into 4 different languages and displayed in 11 cities. The campaign concept and treatment gave Quandoo a distinctive, ownable creative style that competitors tried to imitate (unsuccessfully), and global brands like Diageo ran partnership campaigns with. The Quandoo brand saw an uplift in global search volumes, increased app downloads and platform use and a significant onboarding of new restaurants allowing further expansion into 2019.

Quandoo now have a platform of brand awareness that Wonderful continue to help them develop as the brand evolves and grows, to create further cut-through and brand exposure.

  • 11 Cities Worldwide
  • 122% Ave YoY Growth
  • 184% YoY Growth in London
Quandoo Christmas Campaign

“The work we did with Quandoo began with creating concepts that gave cut-through, as well as a clear strategic proposition for the product. Focusing on the utility of the booking platform translated seamlessly across the world; everyday scenarios that we can all engage with.”

Philip Hansen, Creative Director, Wonderful