Utilising high-end cinematography, interviews and authentic on-site footage to showcase the positive impact a new system by GE Healthcare will make in live hospital environments. 


GE Healthcare is a name synonymous with innovation in the healthcare sector. GE Healthcare is a leading global medical technology and life sciences company providing a broad portfolio of products, solutions and services & technologies including digital infrastructure, data analytics and decision support tools used in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring/management of patients. 


GE Healthcare came to Wonderful with a brief to deliver a video which could help bring a new product to life, increase stakeholder engagement and explain the features and benefits of their revolutionary new system.

To be shot on location in a real-world Hospital environment, our team were required to storyboard and schedule the shoot to ensure we delivered courteous, professional and efficient service on a very tight schedule. 


The production of the GE Healthcare Command Centre video consisted of a two day shoot at Bradford Teaching Hospitals. The team were placed into a live hospital, and were tasked with capturing the day-to-day reality of the hospital, alongside the impact of the Command Centre itself. The production required a very high level of visual quality, and in order to capture the bespoke nature of the Command Centre, we sourced a range of additional equipment from a film equipment specialist. 

Collectively, the team decided to shoot on a combination of Arri and Blackmagic cameras, due to their versatile nature, 4k sensors and high framerates. Shooting with the Arri Amira and Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro made for seamless colour matching during the post production stage, and the warm, filmic look both cameras produced helped deliver a naturalistic, honest tone to the final piece. To support the cameras, a variety of grip and lighting equipment was utilised, from the Prosup Roller to create the fluid motion shots, to the three-point Dedo lamps that brought a professional yet subtle level of lighting to the interviews.

The project spanned roughly five weeks, with the first week consisting of storyboarding and concept development with the client to establish the look and feel they wanted to achieve, whilst developing a concept that successfully and creatively addressed the brief. From here, we were able to assemble to correct team and equipment, and create a plan of action for the two days of filming. And once production was complete, it was vital to keep in close communication with the client during each stage of editing to ensure their vision was reflected within the edits.

The initial plan was to divide the shoot into one day of interviews, and one day of live footage capture, however, due to the live nature of the hospital, the entire plan had to be reworked on arrival. Our team adapted to the environment, and worked directly with the hospital staff and GE management to devise a plan that allowed Wonderful to capture everything that was required, without interfering with the operations of the hospital. The end result saw Wonderful recording more footage than was planned, without losing a single minute of time.



The final product was set to debut at the NHS Expo in September of 2019, and with production taking place in mid August, the time required to turn around a final copy of the video was incredibly limited. Despite this, we were able to deliver three alternative drafts of the final video, alongside a carefully designed colour grade, and motion graphics to support the final piece.

The final three minute video was delivered in a h.264 codec in full HD (1080p), as per the client’s request, with the three half-minute supporting videos matching the same codec and resolution as the main piece. The production was shot almost entirely in UHD (4k) to allow for a smoother post-production process, with the intention of delivering the final piece in 1080p.

Utilising high-end cinematography, interviews and authentic on-site footage helped showcase the positive impact this system would leave on such a fundamental operation. 

“Working to a very tight timescale, and delivering ahead of deadline, Wonderful produced a video full of impact, which played a vital role in the success of GE’s presentation at the NHS Expo. Their team were highly professional and, through a thorough briefing process, were able to convert our concept into a strong storyboard, whilst remaining flexible during the shoot in a busy hospital environment. We have had overwhelmingly positive feedback on the final product from the senior team, including GE’s CEO of Command Centres who said: “If you haven’t already, check out this video about Bradford CC. It’s very good. Makes me proud to do this work.” We look forward to working with the team on future projects.”

Stephen Verdi, Operations Manager, GE Healthcare Partners


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