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Digital brand creation for global MarTech company


As the leading provider of innovative travel industry tech, DerbySoft connects distributors and suppliers at both the CRS and PMS levels. DerbySoft also provides solutions for suppliers through machine learning and rich data that can help to drive campaigns, as well as collecting, managing and distributing quality hotel content to help businesses thrive.

Crafting a Compelling Market Proposition

DerbySoft as a parent brand is known for its custom connectivity, linking Hotels to Online Travel agents. However, the technology (and its associated marketing services) had no clear identity in the market. Wonderful were engaged to create a distinctive market proposition that would make Derbysoft top of mind for travel marketing, direct bookings and Meta Search. Our work would provide Derbysoft with a warmer starting point for sales and better marketing responses.

To fully realise a new commercial identity within Derbysoft, Wonderful worked closely with a global team of stakeholders.

Realising a new commercial identity

Wonderful proposed the development of a distinct brand identity for Derbysoft Marketing Services to position them as a specialized service and increase their visibility. The project involved working closely with global stakeholders to create a new commercial identity, including proposition, positioning, tone of voice, messaging, and visual efficacy. The emphasis was on articulation as a key design principle, reflected in the complete range of materials developed, such as sales pitch decks and powerpoints. The goal was to create brand awareness and differentiate Derbysoft Marketing Services from Derbysoft’s core products, both internally and in the commercial market.

A new website for enhanced customer engagement

DerbySoft underwent a comprehensive transformation, including the design of a new website and the creation of a distinctive brand identity. The new website addressed functionality challenges and improved the presentation of their products, while also facilitating easy customer engagement with sales and implementation teams. The brand identity was meticulously crafted to set DerbySoft apart from competitors, employing articulate language, messaging, and a carefully curated tone of voice. This revitalized identity aimed to enhance sales and marketing activities while solidifying DerbySoft’s expertise and position within the sector, ultimately appealing to potential customers.

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    New identity with a distinctive proposition

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    Enhanced sales and marketing activity

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    Cementing sector and service expertise for potential customers

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