Over 3000% ROI for VE Day Campaign


Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) is a national charity supporting the armed forces, people with disabilities and the unemployed. They work to improve lives every day by inspiring those they help and supporting them to find work and lead independent lives.

Unified Experience for Users

With the 75th anniversary of VE Day fast approaching alongside the early stages of the Corona crisis outbreak, Wonderful worked with RBLI to help to maximise fund raising opportunities and explore creative avenues for customer engagement in time for a nationally important event.

Wonderful began by exploring campaign themes and messaging, as well as inspirational imagery, that could then be divided into unique audiences with specific attributes. This messaging and imagery was carried over into the creation of several landing pages, as well as potential ad copy and messaging at the point of sale – creating a streamlined experience for potential users with a unified theme.

Crafting a Flexible Digital Strategy

After working closely with RBLI, and consulting with their brand experts, Wonderful crafted a flexible digital strategy, based on Facebook advertising, to increase user awareness and improve sales ahead of key events for the client – particularly, the 75th anniversary of VE Day. This strategy would be supported by the implementation of improved tracking across all platforms, enabling Wonderful to identity KPIs and provide valuable insights to the the client across the lifetime of the campaign.

To support the unique messaging, Wonderful created a number of audiences and personas, as well as updating existing lists for use with Facebook Ads, based on a number of metrics including interests, previous interactions, any history of service, and tailored locations. Each of these audiences was then replicated in the ad interface, and assigned a unique group of ads – allowing Wonderful to perform highly granular A/B testing during the lifetime of the campaign, and resulting in an optimised campaign focusing on the most successful audience groups.

Utilising OmniBi

To ensure complete visibility over results, and provide the most up-to-date tracking of the campaigns within an interface tailored to RBLI’s KPIs and reporting needs, Wonderful turned to OmniBI (our in-house tracking tool), allowing detailed assessments of performance, optimisation success, and updated results forecasting on a daily basis.

  • 01

    ROI of 3000% achieved from over 8,000 purchases across 30 days

  • 02

    Cost per purchase of less than £1, with a cost per conversion of £0.30

  • 03

    Facebook Ads drove 25% of total campaign revenue, which reached over £1,000,000

  • 04

    Granular audience targeting driving a conversion rate twice the previous average for the account

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