UX Design that led to a 19% increase in average basket size in first month


Wonderful and UniWare partnered to create a new retail point-of-sale system, emphasising flexibility and building a wonderful user experience that allows for complex choices, customisation, and a flexibility of design to suit different applications and branding.

Uniware has been a leading provider of EPoS & Payment solutions to various markets and businesses for over 25 years, providing intuitive point-of-sale solutions and reporting tools that drive efficiency, growth, and customer satisfaction. These solutions provide real-time insights that empower businesses to make informed operational decisions and optimise business performance.

Uniware partnered with Wonderful to develop a new touch screen kiosk-based POS system that would combine speed, precision, and an elevated purchasing experience – all through a new CMS carefully designed to avoid common industry pitfalls. The result is a sector leading payment experience that emphasises flexibility with a user experience that is simple enough to be quick and efficient, regardless of deployment. 

Delivering this retail UX project and ensuring that the brief was met required considerable user research, mapping out journeys and the use of wireframes and prototyping to minimise complexity whilst maintaining functionality and creative flair. Accessibility and ease of use for both customers and businesses was also fundamental, requiring flexibility to manage the possibility of multiple product types and user choices, as well as options for advertising and client branding without cluttering the user interface. 

To ensure that our solution would put humans first, Wonderful conducted in-depth research into the psychology behind how people make purchasing decisions, the organisation of markets, and how the placement of goods, POS systems, and marketing within a storefront can prompt customers to perform different actions. This research helped to develop the overall design of the Uniware solution, creating an environment where users would reliably perform specific actions whilst keeping the UI as simple and straightforward as possible – maximum interaction with the minimum number of steps. 

In addition to providing a wonderful experience for users, the design and creation of a new POS system for Uniware was also influenced by a need for customization, ensuring that the system would be adaptable to the changing needs of future customers as well as different needs of different market sectors – a blank canvas that can also include branding and personality.

Alongside UX accessibility for the system, physical accessibility was also considered, creating a system that can adapt to varying screen sizes, heights, vision and hearing issues – whilst maintaining complex ordering systems – ensuring that customer needs could be met despite different requirements.


The Outcome

The result is a industry-leading retail POS system that simplifies interaction mechanics without sacrificing interactivity; that is scalable, able to manage a large range of different product types, numbers and levels of detail, making this the ideal solution for multiple different markets; a highly adaptable experience that puts the needs of the customer at the forefront whilst maintaining practicality for merchants – and since its deployment with Uniware customers, increased sales! 

  • 01

    19% increase in average basket size in first month

  • 02

    Reducing queue times

  • 03

    Flexibility to facilitate huge range of product types

  • 04

    Designed to work in multiple retail environments

  • 05

    Accessibility features designed into the system

basket options within a POS system
different sizes of POS system ui, showing food choices
Cheeseburger meal deal screen
uniware POS system icons showing burger menu options
food item options
Icons from the menu of the kiosk