Wonderful culture is a reflection of our values and our ethic, that drives the way that we work with partners and the quality of the work that we produce. From team collaboration that ignores the rigid constraints of traditional disciplines, to the mentoring of next-generation talent – The Wonderful Way is the motivation and the challenge to be more, and to help others be more.

By setting out our core values, Wonderful demonstrates the effectiveness of our approach both internally and externally. We establish partnerships with brands based on a shared understanding of the Wonderful culture, and a willingness to learn. Wonderful is not shallow or empty. Rather, it is a drive for continual improvement through excellence and entrepreneurial innovation – nimble and effective, strategic and adaptive. The Wonderful Way is a wider belief that we can make a positive difference to the world around us.

The Wonderful culture is critical to what we do, built on a continual desire to grow and improve, we create the environment that empowers and challenges our people to do great work.

“Business culture is always about balance, how we keep the tension between different perspectives, ways of thinking and skill sets. Ultimately, it’s the culture that defines what we are as an agency.”

Philip Hansen, Creative Director


Creativity without guidance is deprived of connectivity or results – by leading with goal-driven strategies, Wonderful provides creative solutions that resonate with the intended audience.

We help brands to realize their own unique value through creative approaches; a Wonderful person knows that creativity serves business, and has the clarity and focus to bend the creative process to that goal.


Without inspiration and collaboration, partnerships cannot hope to succeed. In helping each client to overcome challenges and doubts, and so create compelling campaigns, Wonderful pushes for success. We aim for genuine partnerships, based on a mutual understanding and of your goals and business needs; a Wonderful person presents compelling, artfully tailored solutions to clients so that they perceive that the best solution is not always the easiest one.


To develop courageous leadership, to drive positive, innovative change internally and externally, Wonderful pursues a culture of empowerment, insight and expertise. By providing leadership and reassurance to our partners, we are able to drive growth; a Wonderful person is a leader, able to contribute substantially to the development of a strategy or campaign based on their own extensive knowledge and experience.


Through learning and growth, Wonderful aims for the cutting edge both professionally and personally. Every new experience drives us forward to confront the next challenge and promote change in others. We recognise that growth comes from more than just increased sales; a Wonderful person is a catalyst; a revolutionary spark who achieves lasting, meaningful change for our clients – enabling them and us to reach our full potential.


Managing Director

Dan is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for strategically lead, transformational business thinking. He founded Wonderful in 2010 and has helped brands such as Pfizer, NHS, GE Healthcare, Hyundai & Tesco to transform their brand, marketing and sales.



A design leader with nearly 20 years experience, Philip is the driving force behind Wonderful’s output. Having worked with global brands and started several businesses himself, he knows how to harness the power of creativity to build brands.



A classically trained marketer with a passion for all things digital, James has managed B2B & B2C clients from global brands including Virgin & Mazda; to British market-leaders like LEVC and Deltic. More…


think you could be A
Wonderful person? 

Do you think you could be a Wonderful person? Wonderful is always looking for people with talent and the energy to help us deliver our goals. Whether you strive for personal growth or for client results, Wonderful wants your passion and drive to shine. If you think you’re a match for our goals and ethos, get in touch with us today!

The Wonderful Foundation is a registered charity set up to support our vision for modern ethical practice. Part of the Wonderful group, the foundation works closely with other charitable partners on various projects, with the aim of building opportunities and creating sustainable communities both in the UK and globally.

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