Season 2 Episode 1

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Ben Ryan, Founder of Sleepandwater

Hosts Dan Maudhub and Phil Jones are joined by Ben Ryan, Founder of Sleepandwater, who shares incredible stories from his time in Fiji and principles for business and life.

In this episode:

  • Ben’s early days as a rugby player
  • Progression as a coach
  • Stories from his time in Fiji
  • Principles relating to business and life

About This Wonderful Person:

Ben Ryan has to be one of  the most in-demand speakers we have had the pleasure of speaking to on the Wonderful People Podcast. Organisations and audiences around the world want to hear from the man who achieved legendary status as one of the greatest rugby coaches of his generation.

We were delighted to chat to Ben Ryan who also goes by the name of Ratu Peni Rayani Latianara when in Fiji. He is the most successful men’s Rugby Sevens coach in the world and the only rugby coach to win Continental, World and Olympic titles. We got to hear all about the incredible success he had taking the Fijian team to Olympic Gold glory.

This conversation could have gone on for hours, Ben has some incredible stories to share. Listen for lessons on taking risks, how to train and raise up leaders and finding out people’s motivations and their why. There is so much richness in this episode.

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