Season 1 Episode 26

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Emma Perkins, Head of LEGO Agency, EMEA

In this episode:

Hosts Dan Maudhub and Phil Jones are joined by Emma Perkins, Head of LEGO Agency EMEA, as she shares about her career, amazing moments where she has helped create opportunities and boost mentorship across different brands, and of course about what makes working for LEGO so special.

About this Wonderful Person:

Emma Perkins – Head of LEGO Agency, EMEA

A passionate believer and great example of how creativity can unlock opportunity for all. As a born and bred Londoner, was brought up around a community of artists in Hammersmith who encouraged her parents to support her, in pursuing creativity beyond a hobby. She was able to turn her passion for creativity into a career as a creatively minded business leader, helping young people, from all walks of life see the creative industries as a viable option for them has never been more important.

Only 6% of Creative Directors are women, even fewer are people of colour, and this has her passionate about diversity and inclusion. Over the years working on a number of projects in this space, she ran a female mentoring programme called ‘Who’s Your Momma’ and co-founded ‘Token Man’ an initiative to give men a better understanding of the challenges women face in the creative industries. Recently working with Hidden, to build an internship programme for The LEGO Agency in London to help build a more diverse workforce.

After studying Design at Falmouth School of Art, Emma spent 25 years working in Agencies. A board level leader, has held several positions as ECD and served on Dubai Lynx, Cannes Lions and D&AD juries. A regular speaker at Industry events, including the Mayors Equal Play Conference and most recently as part of the In-house Agency Leaders Club.

In 2017 she joined LEGO as a Creative Director, and now leads the company’s in-house agency for EMEA. The LEGO Agency is the LEGO Group’s internal integrated Advertising & Design agency which develops all LEGO-branded content including product packaging, TV advertising, online content, in-store campaigns to the LEGO Life app – communication that helps engage millions of children in physical and digital play.

Pursuing a role in an organisation where a creative wouldn’t be pigeonholed and with a culture where you could explore creativity in a more varied way. That and The breadth of the business, and the opportunities for creative and innovative thinkers is what drew her to the LEGO group.

Her role today at LEGO is to create an environment where creativity can thrive. Building and nurturing playful teams, viewing the workplace as a playground for the creative and the curious. Lego believe deeply in their mission to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow through creativity and play. Be that our adult audiences or the millions of children we engage around the world.

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