Season 1 Episode 17

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Helen Keyes, Global Head Of Brand, Comms & Digital Design, Philips

In this episode:

Hosts Dan Maudhub and Phil Jones have the pleasure of speaking to Helen Keyes, Global Head of Brand, Communications & Digital Design at Philips. Chatting about her career beginnings at Raymond Loewy, being mentored and finding out her strengths as a young designer, before launching straight into directorship roles. Making big moves – to New York and going client-side, starting her own company, to working for Philips, renowned for their innovation and beautifully designed products – and much more! Listen in to hear Helen’s Wonderful story.

About this Wonderful Person:

Helen Keyes, Global Head of Brand at Philips, has had a brilliant career. With a solid background in type setting from studying at the London College of Printing, Helen was ear-marked early as someone who would go far in the industry. A couple of continent swaps later, Helen has been mentored and worked with industry legends, establishing herself as a sought after Brand lead. Her career has spanned from being a graphic designer for Raymond Loewy International, Design Director for Sampson Tyrrell, Design Director for Wolff Olins, Executive Creative Director & Board Director at Luxon Carrá Design, making the jump to America to work as MD of Creative and Exec CD for Enterprise IG (New York).

Soon after 9/11, Helen started her own agency agency BlueInk&Co. Inc. and remains Principal & Owner / President US & Co-Owner. After working for Prophet (NY), she took a short break before returning to BlueInk&Co, to then make the sea change back to Europe, only this time to take the reins at Philips, Amsterdam where she has now been for a steady 4 years.

Helen has been a recipient of several awards including the Red Dot Design Award at the – IFA Event (Berlin) for Philips 2020, and for Best of the Best in Brand – medical and Healthcare for Philips 2019.

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