Season 2 Episode 9

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Marc Lewis, Founder and Dean of School of Communication Arts 2.0

Hosts Dan and Phil are joined by Marc Lewis, Founder and Dean of School of Communication Arts 2.0. Marc shares his incredible story from Croydon scallawag to educator extraordinaire via dot com success.

In this episode:

  • Marc’s entrepreneurial start in life and fortuitous enrolment to SCA
  • Problem solving problems as an entrepreneur
  • Educating creatives for the future
  • How agencies can promote inclusivity

About This Wonderful Person:

Marc Lewis was a scholarship student at SCA when it last existed in the 1990s. He left to work for Leo Burnett as a writer, but ended up creating technology companies.

Marc’s start-ups created over £50m in shareholder value, but he fell out of love with money and wanted to do something more meaningful. A heart-to- heart conversation with Sir John Hegarty and Rory Sutherland led to the reopening of SCA in 2010. John and Rory became founding Governors.

Because he won his scholarship, without which he would probably have made a career flogging fake Rolexes and stolen car stereos, he is devoted to helping others benefit from similar opportunities. As a result, SCA has distributed over £1m of scholarships and bursaries since reforming.

Marc’s favourite advert growing up was Graham Fink’s British Airways commercial, although HHCL’s campaign for Tango runs a very, very, very close second.

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