Season 1 Episode 27

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Matthew Atkinson, Former Chief Membership Officer, CO-OP

In this episode:

Hosts Dan Maudhub and Phil Jones are joined by Matthew Atkinson, Former Chief Membership officer of the CO-OP, as he shares about his career and critical moments where he helped to create thriving communities at different brands.

About this Wonderful Person:

Matthew Atkinson – Former Chief Membership Officer,  CO-OP

A firm believer in the value of community and great leadership. Mr. Atkinson’s story has its roots in his early upbringing in Singapore where he discovered the essence of civic duty. Through this development, he was able to harness this concept and utilize it in his career and also life.

It was this same drive which enabled him to create a cycling club called ‘The badgers’, partnered with Action Medical Research during his time at Tesco’s. This club (which has been running for 17+ years)  would take 50 to 60 people away each year and raise money for a particular project or cause.

A humble visionary who emphasizes the importance of fair treatment of others, he revolutionized the way companies think about data, brand loyalty and digital communications. Which is why he took the role of Chief Membership Officer at the CO-OP in 2017. The new position meant a fresh look at the company and a rise in millions of new shoppers.

A master of his craft who specializes in customer experience, data insight, he has used his skills to transform businesses at real scale with companies such as: Tesco, Saga and Unidays. Overall, a team player with diverse experiences who believes in open and inclusive partnerships which lead to great friendships and growth.

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